In 2009, a Vietnam veteran and son, living in North Port, Florida, have been virtually trapped in their home following a series of terrifying encounters with red eyed, cloven hoofed, flying beings, tall grey men, dragons and lizard-like creatures that they believe have come from another world… or possibly hell itself!

Much like a classic Lucha Libre flick will throw vampire women, robots, mummies, midgets, ghosts, zombies, aliens and – of course – garishly masked wrestlers into a bubbling jambalaya of cinematic excess… so this case seems to be culled from a mélange of classic drive-in dreck, and remains flat-out the strangest report we here at American Monsters have ever investigated.

The story begins when Michael Rowley and his 16 year-old son, Shane, moved to a house in the west Florida community of North Port, in April of 2009. North Port, incidentally, is located near the Myakka State Forest – the alleged home of the eerie backyard stalker known as the MYAKKA APE.

The events allegedly began when the pair would see strange lights in the sky above there new home, but it wasn’t long before Shane claimed to have seen some alien beings wandering around their yard. Nevertheless, what began as a prototypical close encounter scenario soon devolved into a situation so surreal it’s akin to watching an episode of the X-Files on LSD.

Not long after he and his father moved into their new house, Shane claimed to have woken up with a start to see something none of us ever wish to. Standing in his still curtain less window, bathed in the full moon’s light, was what Shane described to be a smooth skinned, big eyed, roughly 10-foot tall, bulbous headed GREY alien, which had extremely long arms with its wrist connecting well below its waist. Shane described his experience to an investigator:

“I just woke up and saw this big, tall, grey looking dude. The full moon was on him so I could see everything about him. I could see his skin. He was very tall, about 9-foot, 10-foot.”

As if this weren’t bizarre enough, according to Shane, as he stared in shock at this strange being that was filling his window frame, he noticed a second entity. This one was described as a scaly REPTOID (a human-lizard hybrid) with a rounded heart shaped head. It was crouched up in the trunk of a palm tree further away, bobbing its head from side to side.

This encounter lasted approximately 5 minutes, but – as is the case in so many of these events – Shane found himself lying in the very same position the next morning with no recollection of having fallen asleep. These incidents of “missing time” are a staple of the purported alien abduction phenomenon. All in all the younger Rowley seemed remarkably calm about these experiences:

“They kind of show up when they want. You get used to them, but it is weird to see them walking around the woods with those big eyes.”

As strange as these creatures are they don’t even compare to the flying, red eyed, cloven hoofed beast – a description not entirely unlike that of the NEW JERSEY DEVIL – that seemed to plague his father:

“It’s about this big with pure deep red eyes. It just looked at me for a second… I haven’t seen the wings but we know he flies.”

It was of this alleged creature’s cloven track that Michael made a plaster cast, but due to contamination of the print by ostensibly accidental human contact – Michael later admitted that a portion of the cast had been imprinted with his finger – most consider the evidence to be dubious to say the least.

On May 19, 2009, the Rowleys’ made contact with MUFON (the Mutual UFO Network.) The group sent field investigator Morgan Beall to examine the Rowley’s claims and interviewed the eyewitnesses, but in MUFON’s report on the North Port Florida Encounter, researchers expressed their concern regarding the senior Rowley’s apparent obstruction of their investigation. From the report:

“Based on the analysis of the witness accounts, photographs, video evidence and footprint plaster casts, it is the opinion of the field investigator assigned to this case and MUFON that the events as accounted by the eyewitnesses is unexplainable and the unusual occurrences that took place at the aforementioned address warranted further investigation however events and communication between Mr. Michael Rowley prevented MUFON from proceeding with the said investigation.”

While the Rowley’s admit that their interactions with the unknown have compromised their desire to go out after dark – particularly on nights with a full moon, when these beings are more prone to turn up – the elder of the clan (at least at first) believed that these creatures had come in peace and that they were there for a higher purpose:

“I’m a combat Vietnam vet and I don’t wake up until something good is going on. This is something big and good going on.”

It now seems, however, that Michael has reassessed the benevolent agenda of these entities and, as if this case weren’t weird enough, the addition of a new monster into this story has added an even stranger twist.

According to e-mails sent to MUFON investigators and Michael Rowley’s own website he and his son are now dealing with a neighborhood literally chock full of people who have a penchant for transforming into DRAGONS. He seems to have expressed a particularly concerned with a neighbor known only as “Paul” who has tried to befriend his son, and apparently spends an inordinate amount of time smoking on a street corner waiting for a chance to change back into his true form. From Michael’s e-mails to MUFON:

“I have a concern I need you to understand. I think my whole neighborhood are dragons. One neighbor, not Paul has a dragon sticker on his truck. I have read a lot about dragons, the can be friendly IF you keep their secrets. Remember when I first talked to you, this creature jumped up on our house right when I was calling Marilyn…

I know you think I’m a little loony, but this (is) my assessment. They leave us alone now, but what will happen to us if they get mad I have exposed their comfortable neighborhood. All of my neighbors are friendly now, but what if I expose them? I don’t think they would like you exposing them either. Now they leave me alone, what happens after the photos are digitized and clear and published?  Am I going to be clawed to death?”

“Please do not digitize the video, I feel my life is at stake.”

To make matters even worse (as if that were possible), Rowley has apparently managed to tie this new development in with both the LEVIATHAN from the Book of Revelations and the Mayan doomsday prophecy set for December 21, 2012. In fact he goes onto state that the creature he’s been seeing is none other than Ol’ Scratch himself. He relates some of his theories on his homepage:

“In December 2012 it is reported that the earth is going to switch poles, due to a planet called, Nibiru, passing close to earth. It is going to totally turn upside down. It can’t be Dec 2012. The Myan calander created by satan to tell the time of his demise is off by 4 years. More like October or November 2016… Nibiru is real and the dragon and reptilians and ufo’s at my property are real. The North Port Devil, is the Devil. He is also know as leviathan, that crooked serpent, The dragon.”

In the end, however peculiar it may seem, Rowley does not seem to entirely regret his decision to move to North Port:

“Well, I’m retired and I thought this was where you’re supposed to go… The only bad part is the aliens around here.”

While these new allegations would not seem to lend themselves to the credibility of the Rowleys’ claims, they don’t completely rule out the possibility that at least some of their assertions may be accurate. When confronted with the inexplicable, the illogical or the downright silly, one must occasionally bear in mind Shakespeare’s famous line from Hamlet:

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

To see more video clips from MUFON’s investigation click here >>

  • kkowalsky

    I’m sorry, but the Rowley’s are mixing and matching aliens, UFOs, Devils, dragons, lizard men, you name it into one big ridiculous hoax.

    How can report this story -and that’s all it is, a story- with a straight face is beyond me

  • admin

    That is certainly a valid interpretation of the evidence. There can be little doubt that this is one of the most bizarre (and credibility taxing) cases that any of us at American Monsters have ever encountered, and we believe we effectively captured the zeitgeist of these events in the 2nd paragraph above.

    That having been said, we also feel that it is less our duty to judge, than it is to chronicle. We put down what the eyewitnesses claim to have seen, but it’s up to the reader to decide as to the veracity of the “evidence” presented.

    Of course, that’s the reason why we have a place for comments — so everybody out there can offer up their opinions and open up these cases to healthy debate!

  • Cryptid

    weird and not real


    Kkowalsky….I don’t blame you, it is the most far fetched thing I ever heard of….but it gets far worse. type right in your browser,North Port devils Youtube channel. You will believe. We have everything here that you could possibly think of. i live in supernatural ville. The first hurricane through here is going to suck up the oil and the first bolt of lightning is going to light it up! A fire hurricane so fierce and large as it sucks in enormous amounts of air. The reptilians are here in huge numbers, They breathe fire. They are going to surround the hurricane, 200,000,000 of them and put the fire hurricane out with supernatural fire from their mouths. David Eckhart in Pensacola Florida was told by reptilians a tsunami would hit the coast of Florida this spring. looks like that prediction came true. An oil tsunami.Predictions only come true if the predictor causes it. The Reptilians caused the explosion and the oil leak. See Phantoms and Monsters as they discussed a tsunami on the Florida Coast this spring, before it happened.

    Mike Rowley aka Dragonhunter aka The North Port Devil documentor

  • crypto-nite

    i think that this is a hoax cause of all the mixed up creature like kkowalsky said.. and also i believe the reason why he dont want the photos digitalized is not because the “dragon/demon/alien/lizard/man” will kill him but because its him or his son or who ever helped in this in a blurry photo, i say digitalize it and see waht it is, if its a demon then we were wrong, if its one of rowleys then we will now the truth..


    cripto mite

    north port devil’s youtube channel, go there and see 135 videos since that one. the top 12 will convinc you.
    These are all digital videos. if you want an origion 8 mm video with flying reptilians, i wil give you one for free to keep if you enhance it and post the results here. Reptilians have been seen by my son and I . They fly at night as white light, and they can be “fixed” by someone that knows how. usually 300 dollars. If the admin reads this, Send me your e mail address please and I can send you real honest to goodness supernatural new videos. guaranteed to convince. The videos are also at whales in space. My newest one is the demon Horus. Really! Crazy but true. Whales has been following my story and videos for almost a year.


  • Wordpresssucksthecock

    This is like an updated version of the Carlos Allende insanity.

  • LSD…that’s it
    plain and simple

  • If it is true or not, the North Port and the surrounding areas of Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, and Fort Myers have many bizarre events not widely reported. There been several UFO sightings, secret devil worshiping cults at haunted locations that disappears, skunk ape and werewolf sightings, all kinds of ghosts,former home to a local bio-weapon base, mutant animals, military units hunting something in the woods, hidden underground silos of god knows what.

  • Saxon_Wulf

    American Monsters: Do you write for ‘Before it’s news” .com? I was looking for more information about this, as it peaked my curiosity (if only as research for a saga i’m writing, but also fascinating itself) and I found a word for word transcript on “Before it’s news”…..I wanted to bring it do your attention incase you don’t know about this rip
    The link is included even here