This unique species of reptile is said to resemble a gigantic, 50-foot crocodile at a distance… but there are some investigators who believe that this animal may be a living example of the extinct aquatic predator known as a mosasaur.

From the jungles of central Africa’s Democratic republic of Congo (formerly Zaire) comes a dangerous predator, which for some unknown reason shares its name with a Swaziland mountain range. Unfortunately, there is very little known in the western world regarding the Mahamba, other than the fact that it purportedly resembles an extremely large crocodile and has been reported to reach an impressive 50-feet in length.

According to native Bobangi accounts, which were chronicled by no less a reputable source than Dr. ROY P. MACKAL (during his pursuit of the equally elusive MOKELE-M’BEMBE) the animal in question, though similar to the familiar Nile Crocodile, is not a Nkoli — the Bobangi word for crocodile.

The Bobangi also insist that this beast is not to be confused with the oft pursued Congolese native known as the NGUMA-MONENE — lizard with a serrated ridge on its back — to which it has also been compared. Aboriginal sources insist that the animal is a unique species, which can only be likened to these more familiar animals for the sake of comparison.

Probably hailing from the Lake Likouala swamp region, this creature may, in fact, be a completely new species of heretofore undiscovered large, central African crocodile.

That having been noted, rumors of this animal’s prehistoric origins persist, convincing some investigators that the animal might be a freshwater variety of the long presumed extinct, aquatic reptile the mosasaur.

  • D2K4

    Perhaps not even a mosasaur. There were plenty of fully aquatic crocodiles that looked far different from modern crocs-having flippers for instance. However, it could be something radically different, like an enormous fish similar to an alligator gar for instance. With so little information, the possibilities are endless. Remember, there was a point where, responding to stories, western explorers went looking in the jungles of Africa for a prehistoric horse. What they found was the giraffe’s cousin the Okapi.

  • rllamerson

    Ya people lets not get all Dinosaur crazy. Let the folks who try to find these things actually find one, only then can it be catagorized. Dont theorize on chickens that havent hatched yet.