AOL News and NDTV have reported that the hip swiveling pioneer of rock and roll, Elvis Presley, may have been the first star to embrace the UFO phenomenon… and might have even been an alien himself!

Elvis’ so-called “alien connection” is all solely the notion of Michael C. Luckman, a New York-based UFO researcher and author of ” Alien Rock: The Rock ‘N’ Roll Extraterrestrial Connection,” a book about famous musicians who claim they’ve had alien encounters.

According to Luckman,  Elvis Presley experienced several documented UFO  sightings throughout his life. The author also claimed that it all began the night the King was born — Jan. 8, 1935 — when a strange, unidentified blue light reportedly hovered in the night skies above Elvis’ childhood home in Tupelo, Miss. The tale was recounted by the singer’s friend and hairstylist, Larry Geller:

“His father told us he’d gone out to have a cigarette at 2 am during the delivery and when he looked up into the skies above their little shack, he saw the strangest blue light. He knew right then and there that something special was happening.”

This bizarre phenomenon has even caused some to speculate that the King of Rock and Roll might have originally hailed from OUT OF THIS WORLD. There are even those who suggest that there may be a strange connection between Elvis Presley and the infamous Roswell incident as some reports have indicated that the photographer who first shot Elvis was the same man the US government hired to take pictures of the alien corpses allegedly retrieved from the Roswell crash.

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  • Hi, just wanted to say, I loved this post. It was funny. Keep on posting!

  • Philip

    Elvis Presley was just a regular joe like us, but it doesn’t mean he was an alien himself, he could have seen aliens mother ships in the past, but Now The King lives on as Jon Cotner & may not come back all, but all u Elvis Fans out there, I just want 2 say 2 u is; Remember The King!

    Ps; God Bless!