Silver Screen Saucers has reported that according to the film’s director, Steven Spielberg, one of the world’s most beloved family films — E.T. The Extraterrestrial — was very nearly a nightmarish horror film based on an actual alien encounter.

Entertainment Weekly recently published an interview with Spielberg wherein he claimed that the original script for his 1982 classic “E.T. The Extraterrestrial” was actually supposed to be a horror film based on the infamous of assault on a Kentucky farmhouse and its occupants in 1955, by visitors from OUT OF THIS WORLD known as the HOPKINSVILLE GOBLINS. According to Spielberg:

“It was going to be called Night Skies, based on a piece of UFO mythology… where a farm family reported little spindly grey aliens attacking their farm, even riding cows in the farmyard. This farm family basically huddled together for survival… It’s a story that’s well-known in the world of ufology, and we based our script on that story.”

The Kelly-Hopkinsville encounter is regarded as one of the most significant and bizarre UFO cases on record. It is also one of the best-documented.

Spielberg told Entertainment Weekly that he even went so far as to hire legendary effects designer Rick Baker — of “An American Werewolf in London” fame — to bring the impish Hopkinsville Kentucky aliens to life on the big screen, adding that E.T. only transformed into a family film when Harrison Ford’s then-girlfriend Melissa Mathison came onboard to rewrite the screenplay, transforming it into more family friendly fare:

“Melissa didn’t want to write it. I needed Harrison and all of us to talk her into it.”

As much as my 9 year-old self loved E.T., I can only imagine what kind of brilliant alien fright fest Spielberg might have brought to the screen when he was at the height of the fantasy phase of his brilliant career, especially with FX whiz Rick Baker on tap… sigh.

  • Gundoor

    i want to know more

  • Jimmy Johns

    seriously why didn’t they just make a new movie afterwards. Man they didn’t understand inflating the dollar back then. Too bad, if they could get most of the people involved maybe history could be re-written, not that I’m downplaying the accidental masterpiece of E.T.

  • Joekings

    I had a very very strange encounter once. I never told anyone nor has my buddy because of ridicule. I went on vacation back around 2001 we were heading to st paul minnisota coming from chicago. Me and my buddy decided to drive at night to arrive early morning at st paul. I was driving and i had barely hung up the phone with a girl at 3am or so. The road was extremely dark and i only saw rear lights of a car miles ahead of us and another car behind us also miles away from what i could tell. All of a sudden a huge circle the size of a football field or bigger lit up the sky which flew over us and disapeared on the horizon within a second or so into a spec. It was a perfect circle of aqua color. it had no trail of anything and it never made a noise. It was super early morning maybe 3:30 and i began calling my buddy name in astonishment. His exact words were “son i saw that too!” i know there were two other cars on the road with us that night but miles away. No one else has come forward with this story which makes me think there must be much weirder stories that people dont ever talk about.

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