Intrepid Mag has reported that some remarkable photos of strange lights over Castle Rock, Colorado.

Greg Archer, a professional photographer, was snapping photos during a tremendous lightning storm on June 6, 2012, near Castle Rock, Colorado. Archer was very perplexed by the appearance of these odd illuminations. Archer claimed that he passed the images on to a major news outlet, but that they were apparently ignored:

“I thought you and your fans might enjoy a couple of pictures I took of some unidentified lights taken on June 6th at 10:54pm and 10:58pm during one of the worst storms to ever hit Colorado… the pictures were picked up by Fox News, who never ran the story. According to NORAD and the Air Force Operations Center, all flights, including military, were grounded at the time. There is no mountain there, only hills that reside much lower than the lights.”

Are these lights just part of the storm or are they something even more bizarre?

  • So what’s the Big Deal ? that a News Service decided not to print a “picture” WOW I think this might require a “REALITY CHECK”- MAJOR NEWS STORY !!!!!

  • I can see why they didn’t run the story. They probably wanted a bigger picture so that they could actually see something.

    It’s lightening. A person might see lights in the sky.

    When it rains, a person might see bits of water in the sky.

    No big deal/

  • Parker

    Umm…….could the REAL mystery here be that someone on this site doesn’t like Fox News?

  • werecatgal

    heelllooo huloseanation