hairy-hominidsRGJ has reported that Dr. Jeff Meldrum, a Bigfoot specialist from Idaho State University who has appeared everywhere from the National Geographic Channel to NPR to the Syfy channel, explained his own findings Saturday at the Wilbur D. May Museum in Rancho San Rafael Regional Park during the museum’s “Creatures” exhibit.

Meldrum has trekked China, Russia and coast to coast of the United States to track down Bigfoot — and affirm the creature’s existence, which Meldrum said was long ago confirmed for him by footprint examinations, personal experiences and a distinct historical record.

Native American legends feature HAIRY HOMINIDS like Bigfoot as commonplace, but many famous American adventurers, including Theodore Roosevelt, also reference the beast in their journals.

“Lewis and Clark both wrote separately about a pass filled with fierce giants more akin to bears than people,” Meldrum said. “They described them as — get this — the men who wear no moccasins.”

  • George J. Ward

    My Name is George Ward, I am a herpetologist and professional exotic reptile and amphibian removal expert from south Flirida. I have been in S.Carolina collecting salamanders. I have a few videos with information on them regarding matters involving Bigfoot. I will not disclose location. Multiple persons when I was and when not,have had different interactions on several sepera te occasions.I can be contacted by phone or e-mail @(772)240-3456 or @ georgeward7416@yahoo.com

  • Colin Robert McCarthy

    I have seen many T.V. Programmes on Bigfoot.They are very interesting.If I saw a
    Bigfoot and I had Tracking Dogs,I would let my dogs go,and believe me that
    Bigfoot would be Caught and I would be Very Proud.

  • James Roblee

    Dr. Meldrum
    In light of the “Sasquatch being a relic hominid” idea, what do you think about the Native American stories of interacting (trading, fighting) with these creatures?
    James Roblee

  • fancy

    i beleave there is abig foot out there somewere! but why cant we get him? if there are so mamy bigfoot runing around . you need to find them. take a area were they hear them and fance it in , then work your way to him with man power . WERE there iis one there is many many many More. get started the leaves are abount to fall off , so you can see better. You need about 300 people to help , theres alot of bigfoot people willing to help .So get them togather now befor it gets to cold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!