Discovered Species

It is here where the inspiration lies… This is the fuel… This is the confirmation… This is the proof… This is the reason why researchers across the globe  continue to trudge down the always difficult, oft times disheartening and occasionally dangerous path of cryptozoological inquiry in pursuit of unknown animals.

In 1821, famed French naturalist and zoologist, Georges Cuvier,  stated that it was unlikely that there would ever again be any large, unknown animal to be discovered. Of course, many such discoveries have been made since Cuvier uttered those regrettable words and the ever growing list of Discovered Species is a slap to the face of  what has come to be known as “Cuvier’s Rash Dictum.”

The creatures chronicled herein, large and small, have emerged from the shadows of rumor and myth into the light of academic acceptance. Animals commonly scene in documentaries and wildlife habitats such as the coelacanth or mountain gorilla, were considered to be either long extinct or the stuff of legend until well within the 20th Century. These beasts (and many others) have met the rigorous scientific protocols established for the discovery of new species and are now in the text books as genuine animals.

They are real — they live, they breathe, they breed and, until recently (very recently in some cases), nobody but the indigenous people who occasionally encountered these rare beasts ever knew they existed.

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