SPACED OUT RADIO – June 30, 2015, 10pm (PDT) – The Monsters Among Us with Rob Morphy


Rob Morphy is an artist/writer/filmmaker/graphic designer/monster hunter/pop culture folklorist

A former newspaper reporter/editor — think burly Clark Kent with a lumberjack’s beard and the power to make coffee so strong that everyone in the newsroom bitches about it — Morphy has worked as a screenwriter, art designer and television producer for Viacom.

Morphy is a blogger and illustrator with both Mysterious Universe and American Monsters — the latter of which he is co-founder and owner with Marc Storrs — and is one of the primary illustrators/consultants for the T.V. show “Monsters and Mysteries in America.” Morphy also works as a freelance illustrator/researcher for various other paranormal programs and serves as one of the hosts of the pop culture smash up podcast “The Earth’s Mightiest Bastards” on itunes or


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