SPACED OUT RADIO – Aug. 10, 2015, 10pm (PDT) Where is Lizard Man with Rob Morphy


Recently in South Carolina, there’s been a reappearance of the Lizard Man.  This beast is said to stand six to seven feet tall, with a human-like structure for a body, and a long tail.  Is there really such a thing?

Cryptozoologist Rob Morphy will make his second appearance on Spaced Out Radio.  Rob is an expert investigator with anything odd and unbelieveable, from Big Foot to Goatman.  The weirder the topic is, the more investigatory effort is put in by Rob.  Rob’s website, details every legend and creature that has been allegedly sighted in North America.

Rob strongly believes there’s something to believe with these stories, that many consider “tall tales”.  It’s the old journalistic saying: Hear it once, and you have a rumour.  Hear it twice, you have confirmation.  Hear it a third time, and you have a story.  Same with his investigations.  Rob makes sure what he tracks isn’t some lucid dream of someone who’s looking for their five minutes of fame.

And we’re glad to have Rob back, to discuss what’s hidden in the forests, and waters of North America.


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