Nov. 17, 2015, 10pm (PST) – It’s a Crypto World with Robert Morphy


Cryptozoology expert Robert Morphy is one of our monthly contributors to Spaced Out Radio. As a resident of upstate New York, Rob has investigated any and all reports regarding this obscure territory. Rob will detail to us, sightings of Bigfoot, Extraterrestrials, Dog Man, Black Triangles, Ogres, and so much more.

His website,, has Rob delving into the weird reports coming in from all over North America and the world. The stranger, the better for Rob, who believes the reports that come in are from normal, everyday people who are just freaked out and have no explination as to what they just saw.

No matter how old the story is, Rob and his crew will investigate it. So tonight, we are going to get into some weird stories that you probably wouldn’t think existed.

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