Jan. 12, 2015, 10pm (PST) – Crypto History with Rob Morphy


The history of Cryptozoology is a fascinating subject, as throughout history people, since they arrived in North America have reported sightings of strange creatures on land, sea and air. From sea monsters to pteradactyls, to werewolves, Rob Morphy is a researcher that looks back into these reports.  Rob is also a monthly contributor to Spaced Out Radio making his first appearance on the show in 2016.

Rob developed a longing for these weird and obscure sightings when he was a kid. He’s always had an affinity for finding out the true stories behind what people reported back in the day. The research is arduous and frustrating at best, especially if all of the eye witnesses are deceased, but he tracks them down to keep them in the forefront of the crypto world.

With his partner, Marc Storrs, Rob started www.cryptopia.us. The first website developed to the pure history of crypto sightings and reports. Think of Cryptopia as their love of monsters. They also examine enigmassuch as psychic phenomena, spectral visitations, historical anomalies, UFO encounters and anything else that may have slipped the surly bonds of conventional reality as we know it.

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