Aquatic Enigmas

Unlike your typical Lake Monster or Sea Serpent, Aquatic Enigmas are a unique breed of cryptid that tend to be more humanoid or hybrid-like in appearance, and are often not limited to the depths of vast oceans or deep lakes. In fact, most reports of these creatures have been spawned from rivers, swamps, reservoirs and even man-made ponds!

Another interesting aspect of the beasts mentioned below is the fact that not all of them are strictly speaking “water breathers.” According to most eyewitness accounts, many of these creatures have a tendency to exhibit distinctly amphibious characteristics, yet all of them share what appears to be some sort of fundamental connection to a specific aquatic environment.

Although there is a vast disparity between large, vicious, carnivorousĀ  predators like the South African Mamlambo and the apparently shy (albeit technologically advanced) Frogmen of Loveland, Ohio, one thing is beyond contention; these creatures are occasionally curious, often dangerous… and always bizarre.


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