Admit it…

You saw something. You’re not sure what it was – or maybe you are and just don’t want to acknowledge it. Maybe you’ve been telling people about your encounter with the unknown for years only to be treated to the same old eye roll, chuckle or feigned interest.

Perhaps you’ve been surrounded by people who are fascinated with your tale and feel that its time to share it with the rest of the world. Maybe you’ve been keeping it inside and finally want to let someone in on it.

Whatever your circumstances are we here at Cryptopia in conjunction with “Monsters Among Us Podcast” want to hear your story !


Monsters Among Us Podcast Hotline 888-608-NIGHT (6444)

Leave your story in the form of a voicemail. There is a 5 minute limit on all voicemail calls, if you are cut off please call back and continue where you left off.


Please provide as many details as possible: location, time, weather, duration, description of the animal / sighting etc. If you have any photos or audio of the encounter please let us know. The more information we have access to the easier it will be to follow up on your encounter.