Avian Anomalies

These airborne entities run the gamut from gigantic predatory birds to cats that soar on furry wings… from eerily prognosticative flying humanoids to prehistoric reptilian gliders with a taste for human flesh. We’ve got monster bats and flying monkeys and beasts so bizarre that they seem like they must have emerged from the fertile imagination of H.P. Lovecraft himself.

Over the centuries this has proven to be one of (if not the) most difficult phenomena for serious researchers to investigate, primarily because these beasts are so elusive and because we as human beings are — by and large — firmly locked to Terra Firma. Even those who have claimed to have seen one of these strange, soaring beasts are often unable to give accurate or detailed descriptions, due primarily to the vast distances between themselves and the creatures in question.

All of this having been stated, there are some extraordinarily tantalizing — and at times horrifying — accounts of human beings having all too close encounters with these animals.

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