Hairy Hominids

Hairy-Hominids are some of the most celebrated and recognized creatures in all the annals of cryptozoological inquiry. The massive, lumbering, ape-like visage of these beasts — made popular by the legendary “Patterson-Gimlin” footage — has infiltrated almost every aspect of popular culture, including novels, comic books, television, movies and even action figures!

Sightings of these creatures have been reported in every state of the union, and almost every continent seems to harbor its own variation of these fur-bearing humanoids. These creatures apparently show no more discrimination when it comes to whom they will reveal themselves as eyewitnesses have come from all walks of life — from doctors to drunks, priests to poultry farmers — it seems as if everyone knows at least one person (or a person who knows a person) who has seen a wild, hairy, man-like beast roaming in the shadow ridden forests of our world.

Described by some as gentle giants, and others a ferocious fiends, there have been numerous accounts of experienced hunters who have had these creatures in their sights, but somehow could not move themselves to pull the trigger — all of them insisting that there was just too much humanity in their eyes.

Whether these animals are a distant cousin of the human race, a missing link, Gigantopithicus, rogue primates, a living neanderthal, a human hobbit or something as yet completely unknown, the fact remains that these creatures have captivated both young and old alike and remain one of the most enduring mysteries of our time.

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