Out of This World

As the title of this section suggests, the creatures who make their home on this category are generally not considered to be indigenous to our Earth. It is on this issue that we must strike a delicate balance between cryptozoology and ufology, as the two fields (while sharing a few common themes) tend to focus on completely different purposes and points of inquiry.

Although it may be fairly stated that any creature hailing from another world could easily fit the bill of an unknown animal, the creatures that we intend to deal with here are the often terrifying, truly astonishing and ostensibly otherworldly entities with which human beings have had run-ins over the years.

To that end, we are less inclined to list every encounter with the prototypical gray skinned, large cranium, abduction fetishists — which have allegedly plagued so many midnight motorists and have been chronicled ad infinitum in modern alien lore — and remain focused on the supremely strange beasts that have been spied in and around UFO landing sites, as well as other creatures the origins of which seem so obviously non-terrestrial in origin that we’ve had no other option but to include them here.

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