While the layman might insist that every animal that falls under the scope of cryptozoological research is, technically speaking, “unclassified,” anyone who has ever delved into the vast reservoir of information regarding Fortean science knows that the systems created by the late, great Bernard Heuvelmans — and refined by many other meticulous researchers — for the classification of as yet “unknown animals,” allows for the placement of almost any creature that one can imagine.

Yet there are some “monsters” which fall beyond even the broad scope originated by these pioneers. In these listings you will find a cadre of creatures so unusual that they virtually defy classification.

Certainly these animals share characteristics in common with other known species — as well as more traditional cryptids — but the fact remains that these enigmatic beasts vigorously resist any attempt at pigeonholing, either by virtue of their innate uniqueness, or (as the case so often is) because the evidence of their existence, while undeniably compelling, labors under extreme contradictions.