While many consider this creature to be a the product of a modern urban legend, those who claim to have had a face to face encounter with this murderous monstrosity say that this horrific genetic aberration is all too real.

Modern sightings of “goat men” hail from Florida — where many believe it is actually a misidentified SKUNK APE — to various locations in Texas, including Cameron Park in Waco, White Rock Lake in Dallas and, most notoriously, a spate of sightings in nearby Lake Worth in 1969, by a beast which is commonly referred as the LAKE WORTH MONSTER.

There have also been reported sightings in Alabama, Arkansas, California, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Washington and even as far away as Ontario, Canada. Still, as populated as North America would seem to be with goat men, far and away the most famous member of this alleged species is said to dwell in a cave near a desolate, hulking, rust covered bridge in the wilds of Maryland, near the town of Bowie.

Described as a HYBRID BEAST that bears a horrific mélange of both human and goat-like characteristics, this horned, hoofed, goat featured horror would seem to be a modern re-interpretation of the ancient SATYRS found in Greek myths, yet eyewitnesses claim that this fiend is not a figment from BEYOND MYTHOLOGY, but a living, breathing, flesh and blood creature that is not to be trifled with.

When it comes to the Goatman it is difficult to separate legend from the reality, but the first official report of this brute hails from 1957, when eyewitnesses reported seeing a hairy, horned monster in the areas of Forestville and Upper Marlboro in Prince George’s County.

Following that wave of sightings, the beast apparently decided to lay low until the summer of 1962, when the Goatman was accused of killing no less than fourteen people — twelve children and two accompanying adults — who were apparently hiking too close to its lair.

The survivors, who, of course, remain unidentified, claimed that the Goatman violently hacked it’s victims to pieces with an axe, all the while emitting ghastly sounds only the “devil himself” would make. According to this account, when the local authorities finally arrived on the scene all that was left of the bloodbath were half-eaten limbs and a bloody trail leading to an ominous looking cave. The police, it should be noted, have no written record of this tragic affair.

The supposed eyewitness’s allusion to the satanic sounds that emerged from the creature would seem to indicate that there may be more than a little Bible belt fear intertwined with these legends, as the Goatman’s Pan-like visage bears a striking resemblance to the demonic entity known as Baphomet, as well other medieval goat-like entities which remain popular occult images.

As to the actual origins of the Maryland Goatman, there are, of course, conflicting reports. Some involve escaped mental patients and others satanic rituals, but the most popular legend has it that the Goatman is the unfortunate result of an experiment involving one Doctor Stephen Fletcher that went horribly awry at his U.S. Department of Agriculture laboratory in Beltsville.

Apparently, the doctor confessed to creating the Goatman by crossing the DNA of a goat and his assistant William Lottsford, but the experiment wen terribly wrong and result was the malicious, genetic atrocity known as the Goatman. As patently ridiculous as this origin story may be, it bears remarking that is very similar to that of the CHUPACABRA, which was also allegedly created in a now long abandoned U.S. lab located in Puerto Rico.

While the Goatman has been associated with various locations throughout Prince George’s County — including a ramshackle house behind St. Mark the Evangelist school, Lottsford Road, Fletchertown Road and Glenn Dale Hospital; the former site of a state tuberculosis  sanitarium – the local with which it is most notoriously associated is Governor’s Bridge in Davidson, Maryland.

This massive, sinister structure, which is also known by the name “Cry Baby” Bridge — due to yet another paranormal tale regarding a distraught young mother who apparently threw her infant off the bridge in a hysterical fit, thus resulting in the ghost-like sounds of a crying baby — is a LOVERS LANE where young couples often retreat for a few moments of privacy, occasionally resulting in a brush with something much worse than an angry father.

There seems to be some discrepancy, however, as to which “cry baby” bridge the Goatman prefers. Some feel it’s the one the on Governor’s Bridge road, but others insist that nearby Beaver Dam road is its preferred haunt.

It bears mentioning that Kentucky’s POPE LICK MONSTER – arguably America’s second most notorious goat-man – is also said to reside near a dilapidated train bridge, forcing one to wonder whether or not these creatures may be related or even if they are one in the same!

Noted cryptozoologist LOREN COLEMAN has even suggested that 1970 sightings of a bizarre, axe wielding BUNNYMAN – which, not surprisingly,  hail from a train bridge now known as “Bunny Man Bridge” in Fairfax County, Virginia — are a also associated with Goatman encounters.

Perhaps ancient legends of TROLLS living under bridges and violently extracting their tolls from passersby are loosely based on a similar European species, which somehow managed to migrate to the “new world.” While this theory is no doubt farfetched, it is perhaps worthy of some consideration.

In all of these cases one should bear in mind that a blatantly ludicrous origin story does not necessarily debunk a legend. There are many times when reliable eyewitnesses report an extraordinary event only to have it twisted, stretched and ridiculed by a skeptical public and press. Still, it is difficult to deny that the Goatman of Maryland seems to be more the product of sizzling, smores infused campfires, than genuine cryptozoological phenomenon.

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  • blackbox

    What a story. My. Email. Blackbox649@gmail.com

  • blackbox

    Doe’s anyone beleave in. The goatman has any one seen one

    • i saw him when i was about 14 or 15.

      • American Monsters

        We’d love to hear about your encounter, Dorinda!

  • anonymous

    DavidsonVILLE not davidson lol also the lover’s lane is a different goatman story in a different part of MD. Governors bridge is creepy as f no one ever used it as a “lovers lane”. I should also mention that the crybaby bridge where there have been sightings is not Governor’s Bridge, it is indeed beaver dam road. Although you never know.

  • According to the Dead Sea Scrolls Book of the Giants

    The two hundred angels choose animals on
    which to perform unnatural acts, including, presumably, humans.

    1Q23 Frag. 1 + 6 [ . . . two hundred]
    2donkeys, two hundred asses, two hundred . . . rams of the] 3flock, two hundred
    goats, two hundred [ . . . beast of the] 4field from every animal, from every
    [bird . . . ] 5[ . . . ] for miscegenation [ . . . ]

  • Joe Rios

    WOW! COOL. Never seen anything like that! But that Moonshine is a mother!

  • FatTony

    It was the blair witch behind all of it!

    • Austin

      No it sounds like the rake!!! Or even worse if Goatman is the one scaring people. Why? I have an Answer my Great granda lives on beaver dam road and the night of October 13th she heard something terrible almost like a girl shrieking and a chalk board being scratched my family has encountered situations with the goatman like this.

      • American Monsters

        We’d love to hear more about these encounters, Austin!

  • Fawn1964

    Goatman and Cry Baby Bridge are two separate MD Urban Legends. However, it is interesting that, supposedly, Goatman was half created by a Lottsford. Cry Baby Bridge was on Lottsford Road, if I recall correctly.

  • Well we have Hannibal Lector, The Mothman, and probably several others. So why not this. Are you kidding me ? What about Satan ? If anything its him doing these things. Just my opinion only.

  • 20firebird

    Goatman is watching you.

  • Greg May

    ‘Goatman’ is one of the demonic entities created by Satan during his last go at playing ‘Jurassic Park’. Because God promised to never again destroy the earth by water, these creatures are still with us today – including Bigfoot and Lizardman.

  • Greg May

    Goat men were created by the Nephilim when they mixed human and animal DNA. These creatures were destroyed by the Flood; however, after the Flood Satan did it again and because God promised to never again destroy the earth by water these monsters are still with us today. They are demonic entities which explains how they can disappear and have never left a fossil record.

  • peter

    How about honey boo boo,is she demonic entities.p

  • In 2007, my then husband and daughter-in-law were conversation with his son, facing our backyard through our living room picture window…when they both laid eyes upon this huge humanoid/bat winged creature with big glowing red eyes perched on the top of our fence. Our daughter-in-law screamed out of fear, my ex froze trying to figure out what he was seeing…by the time his son turned to see what was frightening them the creature in one leap flew straight up without warning…and disappeared into the nights sky. This is an account that I tell our kids, in hopes they take caution in life as I realize now we are not alone. It is chilling to know that this encounter could have easily been my own if I had too been home that evening in Lubbock, Texas.

    • American Monsters

      Valerie, please send us an e-mail through our contact button… we’d love to hear more about your family’s encounter!

  • joshua

    I have a female friend who told me about a childhood incounter with this creature she said she woke up to something breathing on her she said when she opened her eyes it was face to face with her and that she was so freighted that she just closed her eyes in fear and then she said she heard it leave no one believed her of course but I know this chick and she’s way to hillbilly to even know how to make something like this up and I can hear the truth in someone’s voice and I heard no lies in hers

  • joshua

    Oh and this happened in Texas we’re reports of sightings have happened