The New Straits Times has reported that — in a scene that looked like it might have been culled from an Islamic version of the 1982 horror classic Poltergeist — two Malaysian shamans allegedly captured nine djinns lurking in the home of a 22-year old woman yesterday.

According to the account, the girl in question, Siti Balqis Mohd Nor, became the talk of her village — which is located near Jerteh in the state of Terengganu, Malaysia — when she mysteriously vanished on several occasions, only to be found in odd places like a cemetery and even more disturbingly, inside a cement mixer. It wasn’t long before the villains tormenting this poor young woman were identified as DJINN — essentially Islamic demons — a creature from where the English word gĂ©nie is derived.

The parents of the woman were horrified by this assault on their child and requested the help of Malaysian mystics known as bomoh to help rid their daughter of these terrifying apparitions. Siti Balqis’ mother, Norizan, claimed that the family had forked out thousands of ringgit to pay for the services of about 100 bomoh since Siti Balqis started vanishing at odd hours two months ago.

That was until two bomoh, who refused to be identified, offered their services for free on Friday after reading about Siti Balqis’ plight in newspapers. At 7.30pm, one of them started praying inside the family home while the other recited verses outside the front door. About 15 minutes later, the bomoh outside the house saw a figure dashing away.

He gave chase and captured it. Subsequently, eight more djinns were captured one by one as they tried to to make their escape.The bomoh said the sealed containers would be thrown into the sea so that the djinns would not bother anyone again.

Hundreds of residents flocked to the home of Siti Balqis when they heard that the “culprits” had been captured and imprisoned in special containers.

Curious onlookers jostled to take photos and video footage of the containers that were said to contain the legendary djinns inside. Siti Balqis said she stopped vanishing two days ago and just wanted to carry on with life now that the “culprits” responsible for spiriting her away had been captured:

“I cannot say how grateful I am for all the help that has been given to us. I am relieved to be able to live without the fear of suddenly finding myself alone in strange places.”

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