aquatic-enigmasThis Gaelic sub-species is considered to be the least violent of the British Isles’ vast carnivorous Water-Horse population.

Also referred to as the Aughisky, this aquatic-equestrian is purported to share many of the same characteristics as the Scottish KELPIE and EACH-UISGE. Although most regard this Gaelic beast to be the least aggressive of the three it is still renowned for its predatory nature and much feared in certain locales.

Eyewitnesses have described the animal as a WATER-HORSE, although it is allegedly capable of acheiving the supernatural feat of assuming the characteristics of a man, save for its ears, which retain their horse-like appearance.

According to legend the Alastyn’s favorite pastime was to lure unsuspecting humans onto its back by appearing to be a docile horse. Once the trusting individual was firmly situated on the creature’s spine it would suddenly bolt for the nearest lake or riverbed, where it would proceed to devour its victim posthaste.