The Bo is a voracious beast is said to be the unholy combination of a Unicorn and a white tiger.

Also known as the “Poh,” this ostensibly equine creature is said to have the appearance of a horse, with a white body, a black tail and the razor-sharp teeth and claws of a white tiger. Perhaps its must unique characteristic, however,  is the  single UNICORN-like horn that purportedly rests atop its head.

Beyond it’s bizarre combination of features, the Bo is purportedly impervious to all man-made weapons and is capable of emitting a thunderous roar, which has been compared to the sound of rolling drums.

The Shan Hai King describes the creature as being indigenous the plains of Mongolia. It also states that these beasts may be trained for use on th battlefield. The ’Rh Ya describes the same animal as like a horse, with saw teeth, which subsists on a diet of tigers and leopards.

The “History of the North” says that in the Kingdom of Peh Chi a fair magistrate named Chung Wa held office. His district was invaded by some ferocious (yet apparently unidentified) monsters. According to legend, six Bo arrived and devoured the marauding beasts as a reward for Peh Chi’s  just rule.

This animal has also been compared to the Japanese  SIN-YOU.

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