aquatic-enigmasThis beast is yet another in the long list of Europe’s carnivorous, semi-aquatic equestrians.

The deep, watery chasms wedged between the rolling, green hills of Scotland would seem to conceal as many secrets as the Amazonian rain-forest and the wilds of Africa put together. There is hardly a loch, glen or river north of the British border that does not claim to harbor its own peculiar breed of cryptid, and the Cabyll-Ushtey is just one such animal.

Referred to as the Manx Water Horse, this carnivorous creature is said to lurk beneath the surface of numerous highland water holes. Described as a prototypical WATER-HORSE, this beast’s sole concession to originality is it’s pale-grayish in color, which is, in fact, fairly similar to its purported cousin, the KELPIE.

Much like the rest of its ilk, the Cabyll-Ushtey is known for pulling men and animals alike to their deaths below the placid, peat blackened depths of one of Scotland’s many lochs. This animal is believed by most researchers to be nothing more than a localized name for the more popularly regarded EACH-USIGE.

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