aquatic-enigmasReports of this apparently “new” species of American freshwater mollusk are appearing at an alarming rate!

Although there are no known species of “freshwater” octopi, there have been numerous reports regarding the appearances of octopus-like carcasses hailing from Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia – not to mention the seemingly monster infested Ohio River.

Described as having a maximum length of approximately 3-feet, this species of octopus has been described as being similar to the scientifically established Octopus burryi and filosus/hummelinki, with the notable exception of its reportedly “ugly” pale gray epidermis – which some investigators have speculated may be a newly honed method of camoflage.

All in all, the accounts of this animal seem to bear less a likeness to creatures such as the legendary Bahamian demon-fish known as the LUSCA and would appear to be more akin to the terrifying, London sewer dweller known as the NAMELESS THING OF BERKELEY SQUARE.

A larger – and more predatory – species of this saline loathing mollusk is said to be responsible for the sightings and “fatalities” often associated with the OKLAHOMA OCTOPUS, as well as the tragic events often accredited to Wisconsin’s legendary DEVIL’S LAKE MONSTER.