Undoubtedly the most famous of all Water-Horses said to be lurking in the British Isles,  the Kelpie is renowned for its cunning and vicious disposition.

This animal is yet another insidious WATER-HORSE which is rumored to dwell in the churning, white waters of Ireland, Scotland and Great Briton. Known for preferring torrid rapids to placid pools, this stallion of the deep takes many of its cues from the other less famous Water-Horses of the British Isles.

Much like the EACH-USIGE or the ALASTYN, the Kelpie is known for seducing its unsuspecting prey by assuming the guise of a submissive horse, only to reveal its true colors when its victim climbs upon its back.

Although the unwilling jockey is in for the ride of his life, he may consider himself lucky if the creature upon who’s back he’s clinging is actually a Kelpie, for decidedly unlike the other aforementioned Water-Horses, this beast is not known for its carnivorous nature.

Although the unfortunate rider may well drown after plunging into the often icy depths of these murky Anglo-Saxon lakes, more often than not the Kelpie’s victim escapes thoroughly moistened, although relatively unharmed. That having been said, there are some Scottish legends which portray the animal in a more ominous light.

Thought to be in league with the devil, the Scott’s Kelpie has been described as a menacing, black beast, which is half-horse and half-bull. This creature was also said to have two razor sharp horns adorning its skull – not entirely unlike its gentler cousin the TARBH-UISGE. This variety of Kelpie was also more inclined toward the consumption of fresh meat, than its southern ilk.

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