Described by eyewitnesses as being a cross between a walrus and a giant squid, this unusual carcass has left even DNA experts baffled.

Tasmania has become the unofficial home for a unique variety of ocean born carcasses, which are commonly referred to as GLOBSTERS. Although details concerning the so-called Four Mile Blobster are sparse (as is so often the case) what we were able to dig up are some of the key facts involving this intriguing discovery.

Found in 1997, on a stretch of Tasmanian coast known as Four Mile Beach, this creature has produced at least one intriguing photograph and a flurry of speculation. Described by locals as a cross between a walrus and a GIANT SQUID, this creature was also reported as having paddle shaped flippers, spaghetti-like strands of white hair and six, long fleshy lobes running along its sides.

Like it’s more famous counter parts – the BERMUDA BLOB and the TASMANIAN GLOBSTERS – this creature was said to have been made up primarily of fibrous collagen. The corpse was measured to be 15-feet in length, with a width of 6-feet, and was said to weigh approximately four tons. Purportedly some local biologists conducted a DNA test – some say the first ever to be performed on a globster – but the results were apparently inconclusive, leaving the experts as perplexed as the eyewitnesses.

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