Eyewitnesses claim that a huge-eyed, semi-aquatic beast attacked a ship in the Pacific Ocean, where it apparently ate at least one unfortunate sailor aboard the vessel.

Although the facts surrounding this incident are scarce at best, what we do know is that in 1808 eyewitnesses reported that an Australian three-masted bark was allegedly attacked by an unknown animal, which, according to the account: “…had climbed across bow and bitten or chewed, one of the hands.”

Described as having eyes the size of a “warrior’s shield” — which may indicate that the animal in question is nocturnal or simply more accustomed to hunting in the murky depths of the ocean — there are precious few alternate details from which to draw a portrait of this aggressive, and presumably large, aquatic beast. While it has been suggested that, due to its large saucer shaped eyes,  this creature may be related to the GIANT SQUID or KRAKEN, the distinct absence of any tentacles or a beak-like maw in the eyewitness description would seem to indicate otherwise.

According to the account, the creature’s vicious onslaught continued until the captain went below deck, only to return with two firearms. The captain purportedly fired the revolvers into each of the creature’s gigantic eyes, at which point it slipped back into the sea, never to return again… or has it?

Although the connections between these two incidents is tenuous at best, there are some investigators who have speculated that this creature may, in some fashion, be related to the beast which has come to be known as the UB-85 ATROCITY. Investigators site the U-Boat Captain’s description of the  animal that attacked his boat as having — “large eyes, set in a horny sort of skull.” — as being a possible connection between the two creatures.

An interesting (though likely unrelated) footnote to this story concerns the fact that 1808 was the same year that Scotland’s notorious STRONSAY BEAST washed ashore.