According to legend, these nocturnal beasts slipped silently from the night sky to feed on goat’s milk, but sometime in the Middle Ages these once gentle creatures developed a far more sinister appetite.

Much like the BAR JUCHNE, the tales of the Broxa of been handed down to us from generations of Jewish folklore. Considered to be a primarily nocturnal bird-like beast, these creatures were known for siphoning the milk from goats during their night time feeding frenzies.

In the Middle Ages, however, accounts of the Broxa took an ominous turn, when eyewitnesses claimed that these animals were no longer content to feed on warm goat’s milk, but that they had developed a vampire-like taste for blood. These witnesses claimed the Broxa now was more akin to demons, then birds. It was also reported that these animals — no longer content with goat’s blood – had taken to drinking the blood of infants while lying in their cribs.

These accounts of this creature’s beastly appearance and carnivorous appetites would seem to be the manner in which one would describe a “bat” if he or she were unfamiliar with the creature. Maybe the Broxa is really a monstrous bat-like beast akin to the Indonesian ORANG-BATI or the Cameroon’s OLITIAU.

The report also harkens back to original South American descriptions of the CHUPACABRA. Before the beast transformed into the many canine-like creature that is now said to stalk the borderlands between the United States and Mexico, it was described as a ferocious looking HYBRID-BEAST with quasi-reptilian skin, insect-like eyes, kangaroo coiled legs and, often, bat-like wings. Perhaps the Broxa is the Middle Eastern equivalent of the notorious “goat sucker.”