In summer of 1950, off the coast of Cliftonville, a tourist had a run in with a bizarre sea beast that would haunt him for the rest of his days.

Although information is scarce regarding this odd creature, the father of cryptozoology, BERNARD HEUVELMANS — in his indispensable book on the SEA MONSTER phenomenon “In the Wake of the Sea Serpents” — chronicled a brief, yet harrowing, encounter with this anomalous marine animal.

According to the account, on a hot summer’s day a tourist by the name of John Handley took a dip off the coast of Cliftonville in Kent, England. While swimming a creature emerged from the depths not 300-feet away from him.

Handley described the quasi-serpentine beast as being approximately 2-feet wide with ears that stuck up on its head, not unlike those of a horse. This horse-like visage is one of the most common types of AQUATIC-ENIGMAS that are seen near bodies of water in the British Isles.

Lakes, streams and ponds are the reputed homes of a myriad array of aquatic-equestrians such as the notoriously aggressive KELPIE and EACH-UISGE.

Even the world’s most famous LAKE MONSTER “NESSIE” has occasionally been credited with having ear-like protrusions atop her skull. An anonymous onlooker on the beach confirmed Handley’s description of the creature’s unusual features.

While the outcome of this encounter was apparently not chronicled, one must presume that Handley left the ocean posthaste and was likely reticent to return for many moons to come.