In the summer of 1973, a teenage couple parked on a lonely stretch of road near Lake Williams, claimed that their vehicle was attacked by a huge, unidentified reptilian monster.

Although there is precious little information regarding this strange and — at least for the anonymous victims — harrowing encounter, it does help to illustrate the diversity of bizarre and frightening beasties that seem prone to visit teenage couples in darkened cars parked in lonely places. In this case we’re nestled near a small lake in the Detroit suburb of Waterford, Michigan.

According to the terrified teens’ account, a huge reptile-like beast charged and attacked their car, which was parked next to Lake Williams. The scaly monstrosity allegedly left dents and scratch marks all over the vehicle before disappearing into the darkness as suddenly as it had appeared.

While it is unclear who these eyewitness were or to what authorities they reported their frightening encounter, this tale does have all the earmarks of a classic “cautionary” LOVERS LANE story; wherein a young couple — due to their uncontrollably raging hormones — ends up in a dark and desolate local thus leaving them vulnerable to attack from terrifying and often anomalous entities.

That having been noted — and assuming this case is not a hoax — the encounter may be the result of an attack by a rogue alligator or released exotic pet. Still, if that had been the case, one would assume that the eyewitnesses would claim to have been attacked by one of the aforementioned animals and not some vaguely intriguing (and imagination stirring) “huge reptile.”

There is also the possibility that this is not a known or unknown DRAGON-like quadruped or LAKE MONSTER, but a bipedal fiend much like the BISHOPVILLE LIZARD MAN, who was said to have stalked the lonesome roads near Scape Ore Swamp.