The existence of this “Nessie” like creature was allegedly first reported on a Soviet radio program in 1977.

Lake Koskol — located in the former Soviet province of Kazakhstan — is the reputed home of yet another archetypal, plesiosaur-like LAKE MONSTER, a description which is very much like fellow Kazakhstan native, KÖK-KÖL.

The first accounts of this creature were reportedly broadcast on a Soviet radio program in 1977. These reports suggested that the animal was most likely prehistoric in origin.

Dubbed “Koskolteras Rhombopterix” by an anonymous researcher — who no doubt intended to pay homage to DR. ROBERT H. RHINE’S scientific designation of the LOCH NESS MONSTER — there are, unfortunately, only a few pieces of scant, second-hand testimony regarding this creature’s existence.

That having been acknowledged, the fact remains that numerous Russian lakes are said to be inhabitant by similar creatures, such as the BAIKAL LAKE MONSTER, the BROSNO DRAGON, the VORONTA BEAST and the KHAIYR BEAST.

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