Images of this unusual carcass appeared on the internet around 2009, and appear to show a bizarre bovine-humanoid creature, which some believe may be of extra-terrestrial origin.

Sadly — as is all too often the situation with mysterious photos that appear on the internet — there is a tragic lack of corroborating evidence or background information surrounding this CURIOUS CARCASS. As a general rule we here at American Monsters avoid such open ended stories, but in this case the purported photographic proof was so intriguing that we felt it was worth looking into.

According to internet conjecture — arguably the least reliable form of testimony — the remains of this odd, ostensibly HYBRID BEAST, which was said to synthesize the features of a cow and a human, were found near a village in rural Thailand.

The locals, recognizing this carcass bore distinctly humanoid features, apparently decided that it deserved a proper Buddhist funeral in order to help this unfortunate creature reincarnate into a less traumatizing form.

The eight photos seem to depict this funerary ritual, where the villagers pour baby powder onto the body and burn incense in an effort to cleanse the area of evil spirits and help guide the deceased to a serene and peaceful reincarnation.

The fact that these photos were shot at such a solemn ceremony — with what is apparently a military presence on hand to assist — is one of the key elements that seems to lend a degree of credibility as to the authenticity of these photos.

It also seems doubtful that some fifty villagers would gather — on what appears to be an otherwise beautiful day, which could no doubt be packed with other necessary duties — to perform one of their most sacred rituals as part of an extravagant ruse designed to fool strangers thousands of miles away, most of whom are utilizing technology that many of villagers are unlikely to have even seen during their lifetime.

Assuming, then, that the photos are genuine, one question remains — what is the actual identity of the creature in the pictures? The speculation surrounding this question has run rampant to say the least.

There are some who have suggested that due to its thin, cow-like tail and hoof-like digits this might be some kind of supernatural being from BEYOND MYTHOLOGY, not unlike the MINOTAUR.

There have even been — as yet unsubstantiated — assertions that the villagers who found the entity believed that it held “special powers” that would bring them prosperity.

Others have hypothesized that it was a genetically engineered, man-made monstrosity — akin to the CHUPACABRA or Maryland’s GOATMAN — which managed to escape from some clandestine government laboratory.

Perhaps the most prevalent theory regarding this creature’s enigmatic origins is that this quasi-humanoid actually hails from OUT OF THIS WORLD.

This is not surprising as this large headed, small bodied being — complete with tiny, pointed ears — resembles many purported alien critters from traditional GREYS to Japan’s FANGED HUMANOIDS OF KOFU to the notorious HOPKINSVILLE GOBLINS and even Thailand’s own round headed, red eyed, droopy eared, apparently alien visitor known as the SCARECROW OF CHIANG RAI.

Another blogger has this to say: “This dead alien-like being, found in a small town in Thailand was claimed to be born from a cow and seems at first to be a severe case of birth malformation defect. A closer examination however reveals that the alien being resembles too much of a human baby with its front legs looking more like hands than feet.”

A more pedestrian explanation has been offered stating that this as yet UNCLASSIFIED corpse is nothing more than a dead fetus that was born to a cow with a genetic aberration known as achondroplasia, which is related to dwarfism.

While this may prove true, the photos we found of cow fetuses that suffered from this vile disease are extremely bovine-like in appearance and do not seem to resemble the so-called Alien Cow Baby.

There was even one woman who went so far as to suggest that — while she hoped it was just a “malformed aborted calf” — due to the fact that it resembled an “alien with cow’s feet” this creature might well represent: “abominations possibly going on with mating animals and humans / aliens / demonic beings,” which, of course, signifies the coming of the “last days.”

While our intention is to in no way belittle an individual’s beliefs, this hodgepodge of theology, ufology, crytozoology and plain old urban legend is almost always the inevitable result of too little information regarding as unusual a case as this. It would be magnificent if the photographer would come forward and explain the context in which he snapped these frankly astonishing images.

Going back to the source of this case, the initial poster of these photos offered very little information in regards to how he got access to the photographs or from where they originated. Here is an excerpt from — what one assumes was the Thai — translation of the original text that accompanied these extraordinary images:

“I don’t think these photos require any special comment. These are fantastic… worthy of headlining any newspaper around the world. This creature was found in Thailand. Its strangely shaped body leaves a lot of mystery around it. The photographer has captured with his camera a truly unique and amazing moment, and got himself fantastic photographs that make up a great story.”

“As all good mysteries it happens far away from the technological wonders of the modern society in Thailand. You can see a lot of local folks in the background of these photos that seem to worship this creature they have ‘found.’ They managed to get me even more amazed by the baby powder and juices they brought as a tribute to this creature. They have even brought a fan to keep it well preserved for the scientists.”

Unfortunately these scientists never seemed to manifest themselves, leaving the facts surrounding this remarkable incident to languish — like so many other fascinating near miss evidence cases — in the “unsolved” file.

The peculiar body was presumably cremated following the funeral according to Buddhist tradition, but there is an admittedly small chance that due to this being’s non-human status, evidence of its existence may still be lingering in a tiny grave somewhere near an isolated Thai village.

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