No less than four colossal carcasses were allegedly filmed in an underwater cave off the coast of Matagi in 1990, leaving marine biologists mystified as to the identity of the remains.

This account comes to us from a story which appeared in The Daily Mail, dated May 29, 1990. The report claims that the remains of four bizarre creatures were discovered and videotaped by scuba diver Kevin Deacon, while exploring a sub-oceanic cave off the coast of the Fijian island known as Matagi.

According to Deacon, the gigantic carcasses were approximately 30-feet long, with skulls at least 3-feet in length.

Deacon claimed that he literally stumbled upon the disturbing cadavers amidst a plethora of seaweed and coral in the bowels of a Fijian cave. Deacon, an experienced South Pacific diver, elaborated that he had never encountered anything quite like this beneath the surf:

“They bear no resemblance to any marine creature I know. They look more like a land animal or an amphibian.”

The Daily Mail further reported that the marine experts who had thus far seen the video footage — which is unfortunately not available online — were no closer to identifying the origin or species of these creatures than Deacon himself.

That having been said, skeptics have been quick to point out that the remains may be those of a small pod of severely decomposed pilot whales who became trapped in the cave and drowned. How or why one (much less four) of these intelligent creatures managed to get themselves trapped in this cave is a topic upon which there has been no comment. It’s worth noting that there is a plethora of early Samoan legends regarding¬†“fierce SEA MONSTERS.”

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