out-of-this-worldalien_apeman_morphyThis brief, but memorable encounter with an ostensibly extraterrestrial entity has all of the earmarks of a prototypical Bigfoot sighting; making this case one of the strangest and most perplexing accounts to have come down the crypto-pike in decades.

Sometime in 1965 — in the wee hours of the morning — an anonymous male teenager was alone in his parents’ home not far from the allegedly SASQUATCH infested region of Madras, Oregon. The young man was enjoying a peaceful evening when he was suddenly startled by a cacophonous din emanating from outside the house. Decades later,  in June of 2002, the eyewitness would share his story on a ufology website:

“When I was a teenager living in Oregon, I had a scary experience that I will never forget about. My mom and step-dad went out. I heard a strange noise outside…”

Frightened — yet infused with the bravado of youth — the teenager lunged up and looked through the window to see what he later described as “…a UFO coming down… [I] saw strange lights outside on the ground.”

ufoAbruptly, the youngster realized that the unsettling sounds he heard were radiating from the oddly illuminated UFO. It was then that this already disconcerting incident would take a turn toward the terrifying.

The teen then glanced towards his open front door to see the looming silhouette of a ferocious, primate-like figure filling the door frame. This hulking brute silently stared at the isolated, unarmed and almost certainly petrified youth for what must have felt like an eternity. The young man would go on to describe the traumatic incident:

“I saw a alien creature standing outside the front door looking at me. It had the face of an ape and chain across the chest area.”

While many folks living in the Pacific-Northwest are no strangers to encounters with anomalous ape-like animals, very rarely are these HAIRY HOMINIDS associated with flying saucers and almost never are these creatures described as being adorned in any way with clothing, chains or any other accoutrements.

Bigfoot Aliens of Chili The fact that this ape appeared in conjunction with a UFO landing and seemed to be clad in what might be some kind of “Planet of the Apes” style regalia, forces us to consider the possibility that this entity might have been the pilot of this evidently extraterrestrial vehicle or, at the very least, a passenger.

This BIGFOOT-like space invader then vanished as swiftly as it appeared; no doubt leaving the baffled teen to wonder what the heck had just happened… and whether or not it was coming back. After what must have been a sleepless night, the young man mustered up the courage to go outside and inspect his yard the following morning. He claimed to have discovered an “impression in the ground where the UFO landed.” Unfortunately, if any photos or sketches were made at the scene, they’ve been lost to time.

bigfoot_ufoAs strange as this Alien Apeman occurrence may seem at face value, there are more than a few Bigfoot researchers who feel that there is some sort of connection between the UFO phenomenon and that of NAPES — a phrase that was coined in the 1960’s by reknowned cryptozoologist LOREN COLEMAN for “North American Apes” — but any evidence linking these two enigmas is tenuous at best.

Some have suggested that extraterrestrials might utilize Hairy-Hominids in everything from search and rescue to scouting and resource missions. Others surmise that these colossal ape-like entities are the aliens’ beloved pets and that Earth serves as a sort of colossal interplanetary pet park wherein these creatures can walk, feed, bathe, breed, frolic and (of course) eliminate waste so as not to sully the flying saucer during the long interstellar cruise back home.

Still others believe that these two equally enthralling phenomena have nothing to do with one another. They hypothesize that Bigfoot is just as indigenous to good ol’ mother Earth as her human cousins and when UFOs show up these astonishingly bright animals are just as curious and perplexed as we regarding their origins or intentions.

Gorilla GroddBeing a fanatic for both sci-fi movies and comic books, I can’t help but to secretly wish that this likely extraterrestrial visitor was in reality an intergalactic, quasi-simian, criminal mastermind — kind of like a synthesis of King Kong and Hannibal Lecter, or maybe more akin to the perennial Flash nemesis Gorilla Grodd — whose interplanetary prison barge accidentally crash landed on Earth, breaking his titanium space chains; thus unleashing this otherworldly villain on our unsuspecting world — until, of course, a pair of alien bounty hunters with an astonishing array for futuristic weapons plummet down to save this pale blue orb and retrieve this psychotic über-ape — dead or alive!

But then again I’m a dyed in the wool geek.

rob_morphy© Copyright Rob Morphy — 2015

Rob Morphy is an artist / journalist / filmmaker / designer / crypto historian / podcaster / co-founder of American Monsters and Cryptopia.

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