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Here There Be Monsters Podcast is a show about cryptid creatures and those lucky enough to have witnessed them. Our focus is to provide a platform for witnesses to tell their tale in a safe and encouraging environment. Our mission is to give those with a tale to tell the stage to do so. All stories presented are true to the best of our knowledge so grab a seat, turn off the lights and tune in, boy do we have a story for you!

Host Bio
Derek Hayes, the host of Here There Be Monsters Podcast hails from Los Angeles, California but originates from the backwoods of Southeast Ohio. He’s worked in the film industry for 10 years in addition to producing oddity inspired artwork on the side. An chance encounter when he was 10 years old drives his passion in the cryptozoology world and inspired him to create Here There Be Monsters Podcast as a way to learn more and hear stories from all over the world.

Show Synopsis
Episode one focuses on the existence of black, panther-like creatures that reportedly roam the Ohio Valley countryside. Host Derek Hayes explores several options for the origin of these mystery beasts which include an exotic animal massacre at the hands of armed sheriff’s deputies. Several callers offer their unsettling accounts and the host spins a yarn of his own in this first of many shows that focuses on a new creature or new mysterious region each week.



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