amazing-automatonsblack_triangleThis peculiar, pyramidal, mechanical crab-clawed monstrosity seems to have been stalking a pair of young British brothers for reasons that remain unknown to this day.

Like virtually all children, 7 year-old Terrence Druce and his 6 year-old brother Broderick likely had an instinctive fear of the dark. However, unlike most of us who suffered more from terrifying conjurations from within our own imaginations, the Druce brothers appear to have been amongst the unlucky few who actually awoke to have a direct confrontation with a corporeal nightmare.

Poole_ukThis strange story occurred in the coastal town of Poole, which is nestled on the southern coast of England in the county of Dorset. The brothers in question occupied a small bedroom wherein they would share a brief and utterly bizarre encounter with one of the most outlandish entities on record.

In the dead of night sometime in 1965, Terrence claimed that he suddenly awoke to see an inhuman entity hovering over the foot of his bed. According to Leslie Harris — who first published the account in the “Flying Saucer Review,” Case Histories #9, in February of 1972 — the thing was a:

“…triangular shaped entity, about 4 feet in height.”

Terrence would go onto describe the strange figure as being:

“…composed of closely fitting triangles of many colors [with] thin black arms ending in crab-like pincers.”

The terrified boy shrieked in surprise; the sound of which immediately woke his younger brother Broderick, who swore that he also bore brief witness to this unearthly, equilateral entity for a scant few seconds before it vanished into thin air.

As far as we were able to ascertain, the official record of the case gives no indication as to whether or not the youthful brothers reported the odd experience to their parents, or what, if any, reaction they had. It would be easy to surmise that most adults when confronted with a story as out of the ordinary as this would be quick to dismiss the entire matter as nothing more than a dream; the byproduct of their children’s overactive imaginations.

Perhaps, during the light of day, Terrence and Broderick might have been willing to accept such a prosaic explanation. If that, however, were the case, then this illusion of normalcy would not last long.

The day following their nocturnal encounter, the pair were making their way home when they had their second run-in with this geometric oddity. As the boys crossed a parking lot they suddenly noticed the triangular thing lurking next to a parked car.

Terrence stated that the apex of the “object” reached approximately half-way up the window of the car that it was adjacent to and that it was no longer multi-colored, but completely black. This time Broderick noticed something new. He described the seemingly sentient triangle as having a “nose” or a “beak,” which protruded out near the peak of what one must assume was the thing’s head.

As if sensing that it had been discovered, the triangular voyeur turned “as if to watch” the boys. Needless to say the brothers wasted no time in waiting to see if the thing intended to pursue them and dashed away from the scene. It evidently did not take chase.

The Poole Pyramid (as we here have dubbed the entity in question) has never been reported again, but we are left with a tantalizing set of questions as to the entity’s origins and intentions.

ufoDue to its utterly unique physiology, it’s difficult not to surmise that the “being” was likely a non-biological entity that likely hailed from OUT OF THIS WORLD, but, in point of fact, there’s no hard (or even circumstantial) evidence to support this. As to its agenda one must ask: “Why this thing seemed so preoccupied with a pair of grammar school aged brothers from Dorset?”

I’d like to believe that this clawed thing might be a time traveling probe sent from the future to gather information about the Druce brothers who are the unwary ancestors of some significant (and perhaps yet to be born) historical figure… full disclosure; I’m a huge “Dr. Who” fan, so I’ll be the first to admit that’s all just wishful thinking on my part.

As is all too often the situation in cases like this, we’ll likely never know the real answers behind the Poole Pyramid’s motives or genesis.

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