3 Controversial Bigfoot Clips: A Closer Look

Written by AJ Killbuck


Aren’t Bigfoot pictures just terribly ambiguous? They are just far too easy to manipulate. Thankfully, video is much easier for instant debunking. Bigfoot photographs just confuse, and ultimately annoy everyone I think. Videos provide a much more finite response: fake or compelling. But which are legitimate? Here are a few surprisingly clear, but highly controversial videos of alleged Bigfoot.

#1 Blinky

Todd Standing is a Bigfoot wildcard. Most people met this Canadian Sasquatch researcher on the inaugural episode of Survivorman Bigfoot. Todd led Survivorman Les Stroud on a scouting expedition to his personal hotspot for Bigfoot activity in Alberta, Canada. He also provided a compelling video of a Sasquatch face. At the end of the clip, the creature actually blinks!

No one has debunked Todds clip… and honestly, I believe he experienced a lot of strange behavior out there in the middle of nowhere, Bigfoot or not. Unfortunately, for most, he reeks of fakery. Skeptics identified perceived cracks in the video. Most amusingly, Todd’s actual face lines up really well with that of the subject, “Blinky.” Additionally, camera and lighting aficionados argued that a perfect, controlled environment was essential to the quality of this video.     

So what could it be? A custom, animatronic Sasquatch statue? A furry Todd Standing-mask with a hint of CGI-manipulation? Or… the real deal?

#2 Whitey

As the story goes, the townsfolk of Carbondale, Pennsylvania experienced sightings of this all white Bigfoot for years before this video surfaced. One night in 2010, a man heard a disturbance in his wooded backyard. He captured this one-second video of an all-white, two-legged, broad-shouldered, cone-headed, Yeti-looking beast with completely black eyes.

So, Carbondale is known historically for its Appalachian mines. Could this beaming subterranean housing market be a perfect spot for a population of Sasquatch? And is this the same creature that townsfolk reportedly encounters for years leading up to the event? Or, of course, could this simply be uncle Rick in a Yeti costume?

Questions persist. Why would this creature allow a human to crash through the woods on a direct path to it? The clip possesses too much of a horror-movie, ‘Blair Witch’ flair to be real. With only a shaky claim of widespread townsfolk encounters (the BFRO lists zero reports for Lackawanna County), no footprints, and no follow-up, the clip feels fragile and unauthentic. As with any Bigfoot video floating out in the internet, there are unlimited holes to poke. This is a great example of clarity, yet question marks. The real question for any unbelievable visual account: can your video withstand the scrutiny?

#3 Window Peeker

Here is the only background we know of the footage, according to the uploader Beautifulplanet (a terminated Youtuber):

““Every year the fruit just seemed to disappear overnight off my apple pear trees. Also the birdseed used to vanish without a trace. I thought it was raccoon or something and so I set up a camera. This is what was caught on camera. You can make up your own mind as to what it is.””

The ‘thing’ appears very cat-like. I’ve heard reports about Dog-men, but never anything feline. The glowing eyes are very unique and clear. There are actually ‘rave contacts’ that glow when exposed to black lights. I would say that unless the person had a black light in their mask, these eyes are either computer-generated…. Or real.

Strangely, when the brightness of the footage is taken up a few notches, there are no other facial features of the creature. It’s basically two, large floating eyes on top of a black, hairy face. If this subject is a real animal or human hybrid, one would think normal features would be present, like a nose, mouth, or even brow. Instead, it looks like a werewolf mask turned around with eyeholes cut in it: an interesting costume no doubt. Then again, there are many accounts of jet-black Bigfoot… so dark that they only appeared as hairy, black shapes; even when the witnesses glimpse their face.       

The Joy of Hoaxing

There are definite motivations to hoax these videos. I am actually fascinated by the hoaxing mind and believe there are groups of friends out there who get together a couple times a year and spend a lot of time crafting their delivery. In the case of the ‘Window Peeker’, it could easily be a video editing enthusiast practicing their glowing eye skills. We’re talking about it right now, right? And a “window + Bigfoot” search on Youtube populates YOUR video dozens of times!!! You’re subtly Youtube-famous and you receive ongoing critique on your work. With a mask and just the right lighting, I believe anything is possible. What did you think about these videos?

AJ runs Bigfootbase.com, a growing space dedicated to everyone’s favorite relict hominoid. He is a paranormal skeptic, but refuses to ignore practical truths hiding behind the curtain.