AOL News has reported that a former NASA scientist believes that there are aliens on the moon watching humankind, and evidence of their existence may go back thousands of years.

For decades, researchers have claimed that strange objects have been seen on or above the moon. From mysterious pyramid shapes to unusual moving lights to tall tower-like objects and huge glass-like dome structures, stories and pictures abound claiming that Earth’s next-door neighbor is loaded with extraterrestrial artifacts.

Richard C. Hoagland — a former NASA consultant and curator of astronomy and space science at the Springfield Science Museum in Massachusetts as well as consultant to CBS News during the Apollo moon missions — has spent decades looking into what he asserts to be the truth about what was discovered during the numerous unmanned spacecraft missions as well as the manned Apollo voyages to the moon 40 years ago:

“The orbital photographs show us the scale of ancient ruins on the moon. And surface photography by the astronauts have shown remarkable, specific examples of anomalies that could only be explained through there being ancient remnants of some extraordinarily advanced technology.”

Hoagland — who is also the founder of The Enterprise Mission, an extensive private space research analysis website — further claims that NASA has discovered evidence of a primeval moon society:

“What NASA did not tell the American people is that it discovered the remains of an ancient lunar civilization, and to this day, that data and those artifacts have been withheld from the American people.”

In his book, “Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA,” Hoagland alleges there are huge glass towers and domes on the moon that have produced repeated prismatic effects on Apollo astronaut photographs available on NASA websites. He also claims numerous geometric ground features are evidence of ancient structures.

For years, Hoagland and other notable researchers have quoted from “The Brookings Report.” “The Brookings Report” — which is short for “Proposed Studies on the Implications of Peaceful Space Activities for Human Affairs” — was a study commissioned in 1960 by NASA and put together by the Brookings Institution, a highly trusted think tank in Washington. One section of the report says:

“While face-to-face meetings with it [extraterrestrial intelligence] will not occur within the next 20 years (unless its technology is more advanced than ours, qualifying it to visit Earth), artifacts left at some point in time by these life forms might possibly be discovered through our space activities on the moon, Mars or Venus.”

Hoagland believes that NASA did indeed uncover evidence on the moon of an extraterrestrial civilization, but decided the public wasn’t ready to accept such information. But what about the astronauts who went to the moon? Wouldn’t they have spoken up if they had encountered any evidence of an ET presence there? Perhaps one of them already has.

Apollo 14 astronaut, scientist and 2005 Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Capt. Edgar Mitchell — the sixth man to walk on the moon — claims that while it’s possible aliens may have used the moon to stay hidden from Earth, Hoagland’s theories are a bit of a stretch:

“It’s just nonsense! But this isn’t to say that aliens haven’t used the moon or Mars. I’m not saying that. I’m saying that what Hoagland is pointing out doesn’t make any sense… most of what I have seen is either so fuzzy, out of focus or nebulous that it would stretch the imagination to be what it’s claimed to be. I haven’t seen anything that really definitively fits as a structure on the moon. I haven’t seen any credible evidence for it.”

But while Mitchell himself hasn’t seen evidence of an alien presence on the moon, he is a believer in the existence of intelligent extra-terrestrial life forms — as well as an apparent supporter of the ANCIENT ASTRONAUT theory — and is open to the possibility of a lunar base:

“There could very well be alien utilization of the moon. Those guys have to be in space out there somewhere. They may keep themselves concealed behind the moon… for me, it’s just a matter of the evidence, and the evidence, as far as I’m concerned, is overwhelming. Not only are they here, they’ve been here for quite a long time, and the more I’ve investigated, the more I realize it’s been much longer than any of us really thought.”

Mitchell – who grew up near Roswell, New Mexico, home of the legendary 1947 ROSWELL ENCOUNTER, wherein an alien spaceship allegedly crashed, killing its otherworldly crew —  believes the Roswell alien crash was a real event that was covered up by the military. He also asserts that more than one alien species has visited the Earth:

“It’s the preponderance of evidence that counts here. There seems to be far more than one species of visitors here, from all the evidence that I know, and several of them are investigating our people in their own way… their motivations are somewhat different, depending upon what species we’re talking about. Some seem to be here to help us and to be saying, ‘Hey, you’re about to destroy yourselves and your civilization with your way of doing things,’ and what others are doing — maybe they’re just looking at us.”

Reports have also indicated that both Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin saw UFOs shortly after their historic landing on the Moon in Apollo 11, on 21 July 1969.

According to a former NASA employee Otto Binder, unnamed radio hams with their own VHF receiving facilities that bypassed NASA’s broadcasting outlets picked up the following exchange:

NASA: “What’s there? Mission Control calling Apollo 11…”

APOLLO: “These ‘Babies’ are huge, Sir! Enormous! Oh my God! You wouldn’t believe it! I’m telling you there are other spacecraft out there, lined up on the far side of the crater edge! They’re on the Moon watching us!”

In 1979, Maurice Chatelain — former chief of NASA Communications Systems — allegedly confirmed that Armstrong had indeed reported seeing two UFOs on the rim of a crater:

“The encounter was common knowledge in NASA, but nobody has talked about it until now.”

According to Dr. Vladimir Azhazha, a physicist and Professor of Mathematics at Moscow University, Soviet scientists were allegedly the first to confirm the incident:

“According to our information, the encounter was reported immediately after the landing of the module. Neil Armstrong relayed the message to Mission Control that two large, mysterious objects were watching them after having landed near the moon module. But his message was never heard by the public-because NASA censored it. “

Still, there remain aliens-on-the-moon skeptics, including Peter H. Schultz, a Brown University geological sciences professor who is one of the scientists on the team analyzing lunar water data:

“In the past, we’ve seen impact flashes, and we may have had eruptions on the moon, but everything we’ve seen so far indicates that this is a very quiet place, except for a few punctuated events… I’ve seen all the photographs from the moon, and that’s just untrue stuff. And it’s too bad because you’ll have students who hear this on the news and believe that this is real.”

Schultz isn’t, however, rejecting the notion that there could be some form of life out there somewhere:

“When you do research, exploration and discovery, it’s easy to be wrong. This is why we do this. If we knew everything, we might as well stay in our houses. The fact is, we go out to explore to find out — you’ve got to find the evidence for it. Within the realm of possibilities, within the galaxy, sure that’s possible. But next door? I think this gets hard to fathom.”

  • well are aliens real

    • Kan Cacham

      Yes, they are called “angels”, “gods”, etc.

      They travel in fiery chariots. Angels don’t have wings, etc, we are created just bit lower than them, on the biological scale of things. They also need a vehicle to get from point A to point B.

      Read the Judea Christian bible, mainly the “prophets” spoke about the fiery chariots and the angels of God who manned them.

      • freebird

        I too believe they are real, however I believe they are fallen angels still trying to find ways to have dominion over the earth by taking on our form and mating with us. that’s y there were giants in ancient days. they are sharing their knowledge just as satan told eve to eat of the “tree of knowledge”. I don’t think they are from other planets but from another realm. they know no time just like our God. I also dont believe we were created lower than angels but in the image of God. that was misinterpreted. angels work for us. and if they were above us they would have taken over by now. but they know their time is up and need our help.

        • Blazth

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      • FeetFirmlyPlantedonSane

        Judea Christian bile you mean?

        • makkie

          your mom is a fairy tale tale too

  • bfdfb

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    • Jacky

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    • Cerulean

      Your stupidity is asounding on many levels.

    • Kan Cacham

      That likely would not work, due to the shields and various technologies they likely have to deflect and avoid detection in the first place.

    • PXRaVeR

      Actually if you do research on the disclosure project you’ll find one of the encounters UFO’s have already had with us has been with disabling military nuclear warheads. Just saying

    • atlanta smack

      wow your dumb…if fthey made it here they are smarter than us genuis

      • lynn

        It doesn’t speak much about your common sense bc the bfdfb is just joking around. Chill out don’t look to make an enemy out of a stranger.

        • Anon

          3 year old comment, bro. Irony.

          • ANONYMOUS

            ANON? Really, why insult a person and thee disgrace thy name?

        • ANONYMOUS

          Lynn, you civilized peaceful messages ARE APPRECIATED!!!

    • Daniel Short

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    • joe

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  • Abcd

    Why was the sky of the moon black when they landed on it? Shouldn’t it have been full of sunshine?

    • trip

      what color is sunshine?

      • Rob

        color is subjective. we see visible light which is white. put it through a prism and you get all the color of the rainbow

    • Vaughan

      this is a very interesting question and my logic at this current level of understanding it is to do with the same reason the sky is not white on a sunny day. This is because the sun is between 147,098,074 km – 152,097,701 km. And When you take a picture of the sun it appears as a glowing disk against a blue back ground due to the suns radiation exciting gasses in the upper atmosphere causing an exothermic reaction.

      So without an atmosphere there is no reaction to take place until the sun hits the surface of the moon. The sun is emitting wavelengths 100nm to 1mm.

    • Kan Cacham

      There’s no atmospheric bubble around the moon as we have on earth to give it a look like we have here during daylight. The moon though, it would seem, should have variations in color, etc, of the striaton of sediment//physical mass, unless the entire moon is made up of a similar compound//mineral.

      The earth is surrounded in a mist//layers of atmospheric gasses which protect us and shield us and contain our living//breathing space. This is not seen during the night because the sun is not reflecting off of it.

    • NothinButTruth

      Uh, did you not see how brightly lit up the ground and lunar module were? It looks as if there is a spotlight on everything… That’s because there is a spotlight on everything, it’s called the sun. The moon is absolutely full of sunshine in every photo/video taken on the moon. The sky remains black because there is no atmosphere. But everything else is being hit by the full force of the sun.

      • mavrik

        Wrong…..the lunar surface contain a thin atmosphere. This is the only way the astrounats could explain hearing the sound of their hammers striking a large rock.

  • facts

    There is life on the moon its been there for thousands of years. Us as humans are a threat to any alien life form. They analyze us destroying each other and our planet now if you were alien would you befriend us i wouldnt and im human.

    • shane lyons

      You`re human?

    • Kan Cacham

      I highly doubt we’d be a threat to anything that could travel to the moon and “analyze” us as a species. They could easily rid the earth of us. IF they have been there analyzing us for thousands of years it’s more for entertainment purposes or for watching how a primitive species has evolved into one such as ours. Technology wise, there will come a time when humans, if they can last that long, will evolve socially into a species that learns to work together, but with disease and plagues associated with our mass consumption of non renewable materials, we will likely destroy ourselves. Maybe that’s the show!



  • stupid americans

    it’s a load of over exaggerated dumbassed bullshit, turning something credible into a load of dale gribble paranoia with all sorts of whack job idiocy. yeah the moon was inhabited probably but that was a few million years ago.

  • Ryan Shearer

    Simply put, We can’t be the only race and or life forms out there. No matter how hi up in government or form of power you are, We can not see or understand space at the size it is at. We don’t even know 10% about our own planet. There are creature’s mineral’s metals, And lifeforms on this planet we don’t even know about, So big in size, and number’s that would most likely scare us to death. Yes there are other lifeforms out there, The question is, Do we want to know about it?

    • Rajkumar

      I saw a alien ship passing through moon.
      Please come and see . there are many during PR near full moon. Please come to south India, chennai. I captured a video proof too.

  • atlanta smack

    look people all we know is what teachers and tv tells us…if aliens exist they are smart enuff to travel space with no probs..thats why govrn…is scared time to get smart ourself and go see for ourself

  • Orrin

    Yaaaaaay! The spreading of misinformation through pseudoscientific claims, unfalsifiable hypotheses, irrelevant appeals of authority and the classic game of connecting the dots that don’t exist.

    So fun.

    • Sb

      *grabs popcorn*

      • Shadowbob

        you must have a lot of popcorn

  • FeetFirmlyPlantedonSane

    aliens *ufo’s* cities on the moon * secret space programs on Mars* LOL do you know how silly all you fringe fools sound? There is nothing out there except carbon compounds and noble gases. Ancient ruins, structures; you bunch of Hoagland and Alex Jone type lowest common denominator human swill

  • jonathan Amonson

    Stupidity is definitely present here…”we will fuck them!?..what a moron. Several alien species have direcrd and confiscated nuclear war heads around the world. And have expressed great concern about our wreckless use of atomic energy!! We would do well to abolish ALL religions, stop using hydrocarbons as fuel, and start loving each other if we ever want to interact with them. ..because right now..they are NOT happy with how things are going! The main concern is the extreme violence made in the name of gods and deity that “they” say does not,nor ever has existed. Also by pointing this out to “chosen conduits” saying we,in our knowledge an understanding of universal truth’s. Are still in an infancy like state,bereft of common sense and individual thought. We have been compared to a virus as our closest comparison in the universe!..ouch!! Goddamn that sucks! But in the defense of these benevolent beings,I agree..we are a violent and arrogant race of brainwashed barbarians, commiting horrible atrocities against each other,over what some somewhat less intelligent individuals wrote down in three very well known “bloodsoaked” works of literature. Hence we are still VERY uninformed. Fight for disclosure.

    • James Crothers

      We, so called “humans” have a long way to go to become human! When we started using atomic energy with the wrong element, we really screwed up, mainly because we wanted to kill mass amounts of people. Now there is damage to this big blue, wonderful world . I have one, just one question for the future of this world. How do we stop the Pacific ocean from dieing? Cause when all life in it stops, we will be the next to start going, away and there is nothing to stop it. Got any answers for that “ONE” little question, if so I would LOVE to hear it. Maybe the fight for disclosure can come up with one. Never mind thats not happening either, according to government agency’s. Now they would tell us the truth, wouldn’t they?

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  • Well, I guess it makes sense. But what doesn’t make sense is how aliens could live up there… I would have to believe the moon is some sort of observatory for the aliens that watch us. I mean, we have a “Goldilocks world”. Perfect for life, every alien race possible would KILL for our planet. I mean, LOOK AT THE CLUES! Red rain in Sri Lanka with the possibility to kill off mankind that came from meteors, MIR’s frequent “Sabotages”, and we may have practically declared WAR by lighting explosives on the moon… The aliens might as well kill us off with stuff like plague and warfare to get our planet. And that strange prophecy in the bible, related to aliens? Rev 8:10-11 – The third angel sounded his trumpet, and a great star, blazing like a torch, fell from the sky on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water– The name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters turned bitter, and many people died from the waters that had become bitter.
    Does this prophesy some kind of poison warfare for Earth?

    • The aliens don’t come from space they are already here either under he sea or the center of the earth and that is why we get reports of uso’s. they don’t like the way we are messing the earth up that’s why there’s a lot more sightings at the moment.

  • It seems to me that all the comments which denoted disagreement with the hypothesis of life on the name consisted only of name calling and nothing else particularly showing any intelligent refutation.

    Scepticism is quite a fine thing, but close minded naysaying is another. What is so unbelievable about extraterrestrial intelligence. By what right does any human (who is so ‘primitively’ civilized that they cannot even disagree with one another without calling names and saying all sorts of terrible stuffs and shooting people when that soothes them or their country and feeling patriotric about it) lay claim to sole occupancy in this galaxy, more so the universe.

    Those of you in the United States should be more inclined to study all the evidences available in your country rather than laugh in derision. I wish i had all of that sometimes, i would not need anybody to influence my opinions, not NASA to deny this and that or the military to tell me about weather balloons and anomalies (which sounds even more stupid than ET might sound to non believers).

  • aquarius

    For you to say this you have no idea what you are talking about. NASA has many photos they won’t release despite it being against the law the have even more that they tampered with, cutting out important peaces of evidence. Its not a game of connect the dots. Did you see the geometric shapes that made up the figures on the moon? It’s people like you that don’t need to comment. You’re being ignorant, you do not want to know the truth, so you beleive the lies told to you. These lies are told to you by the government your peers and yourself. I did not beleive in aliens and I was once like you where I would mock others who did. Someone told me what I am telling you and I did some reaserch on it to prove them wrong in the end I became a beleiver. So dont beleive the lues and look at the evidence around you, it might change your life.

  • Sylvin Antonius

    Have you guys ever make your own research? In the bible, we will learn that we are the only living beings in the world. But personally i don’t think so. If you try to look again at the birth of a planet or a star, you will found some gas fusing around and somehow, an image of a human face will be seen there. As the bible say that our form is the same with the god, maybe god is the creator for each star or a planet. And surely that creator has full control of his own creation. That means everything in the space have their own god.

    My second thought is about black and white holes. When it’s possible to such everything then there will be a hole to spit everything as well. I’m thinking whether we are living in a box that and we’re an expirement of a higher life form. He supplies everything needed for creation from the white hole and he sucked everything else from the blackhole for the process of creation or experiment. The only difference would be they did not have a concept of time which means they are immortal.

    Even if they are some aliens out there, i believe they are mortals but they might just have a longer lifespan than us. I don’t know how long they can live but surely it’s not like they can only live for hundred of years except they have a far advanced technology.
    Well believe it or not, all aliend have their own god and we have our own god. But it’s still possible to interact with that; i hope so.

  • me

    u sound like u spoke to a alien

    • TheGodOfChaos

      I wan to meet an alien and not be experimented on. I mean by other kinds of aliens that are friendly not The Grays.

      • American Monsters

        Us too! But not the probey kind. 😉

  • David Storm

    Why did they call it “The Race For The Moon”?? Was there something there that WE had to get to before the Russians could? We(the USA) has only been to the moon several times and have not returned since the 70s! I mow hear that the origional tapes of the moon landing and all the moon rocks collected are all now what..just more things that WE should know nothing about! Trust Our Government. WTF…?

  • Steve Howse

    This guy Richard C Hoagland

  • Steve Howse

    Sorry The end of my post got lost when I filled in my details before posting the full comment. I was trying to mention the fact that Richard C Hoagland has no degree or any real meaningful qualification. His “Ig Nobel prize” is a booby prize for those who think highly of their views (delusions) He has been on various TV shows for years as a humorous oddball who can fill out the number of guests needed. In general anything he supports would suffer even if there was a grain scientific credibility in the data. The trouble with the internet when attempting to research a subject is now any oddball can introduce religious bias and political dogma into the results. People who hear messages from god or aliens pontificate on their idea of reality in the guise of scientific knowledge. This makes it hard for those who wish to find answers to subjects that they are just beginning comprehend. Discussion on the web, that does not suffer is rare

  • godfrey

    no one really knows where we come from where we going after we die the more u think about the world u begin to loose yo mind just forget about it nd enjoy yoself nd life for now who knows maybe all the answers will come when we dead

  • Steve Howse

    Richard C Hoagland is a non qualified pseudo scientist With a IG Noble Prize (award as a booby prize for rubbish pseudo science) He gives those of us that take the search for genuine ET events on a real scientific basis a bad name. While linked to such imaginary and faked Photo shopped evidence real research is considered in the same light i.e. just more loony pseudo science. There is evidence out there but who will bother to take it in a serious manner when linked to the lunatic fringe.

  • WB

    Agree with Jonathan. Be thankful and love one another! Our biggest concern should be to help make the world easier for one another. 2015 is here, we live in a world with more than one life form. However, we must fight some of our biggest problems in this economy like health and poverty. Killing is bad. It all starts with mental mindstate on making a stronger community. I get it, no one has been to the moon in awhile. Ive questioned the assumption too, and wondered why. But the fact of the matter is, we are a lucky species to have such an orbital system to increase our life form.

  • viktor Stark

    What i feel we need to do is try to get into contact with these beings. we need to get face to face with them and comunicate and educate with eachother. Evolution is the main key we need to focus on and by contacting them and communicating with them will help achive many things.

  • Richard Hoagland is a complete and utter loon – and judging by the majority of the comments here, he’s far from the only one.

  • Dan

    The camera(s) in our satellites have such good resolution that if a person has a pack of cigarettes in their top pocket the brand of cigarettes can be read. So the question…. with such good resolution available why are the images from the moon, showing structures and other evidence of life, so blurry? I think because it is all B. S. Someone that needs to get a life doctored them. I’m not saying that there is not other life out there but those pictures are B.S.

    • Michael

      you don’t realize how far Moon is. The average distance from the earth to low orbiting satellite is about 500 miles. But the distance from Earth to Moon is about 238,900 miles. Sure, our satellites can reach 500 miles but not to the place that is 477 times farther.

  • think about all of the alien movies and what if they were based on scenarios about what they look like and how they might attack

  • is there cable on the moon :p

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    • American Monsters

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  • Jazz

    There are pics of moon and some are out of the world eg one there are footprints but not the holes from the
    Moon and also there is this sattelite which takes radioactive signals and is pointed right at earth also there is this big thing and looks like some deflection thing and that too is pointed directly at earth

  • joe

    Life everywhere period this in the milky way , allways live in the planet and we can too but we like the outside so much

  • Cholo

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    and let them pay it