Persians claim that these ferocious beasts are the simian-like descendents of ancient, tusked boars… the Afghans believe that they are cannibalistic females equipped with razor sharp talons.

There are two versions of these despised creatures in Middle Eastern folklore. The first legend dates back to ancient Persia, where species of hairy hog-like humanoids – complete with fiery eyes and gigantic tusks – were known to terrorize and ultimately devour peasants.

The secondary accounts of creatures known as the “Al” hail from modern Afghanistan, where locals believe these beasts are cannibalistic females equipped with razor sharp talons used for rending human flesh.

In Persia these swamp-bred beasts are said to have iron teeth and brass claws – although some scholars have suggested that those descriptions are less literal interpretations of physical characteristics and more likely simply metaphors for strength.

No doubt the most terrifying aspect of these ferocious fiends was their purported penchant for attacking incapacitated mothers during the process of child birth in order to devour their newborn infants, which historical accounts state were the Al’s favorite delicacy.

The Afghan version of this creature is less overtly malicious, yet equally reprehensible. According to these more modern accounts, the Al’s are feminine beasts with long floating hair and talon-like finger nails who have been seen consuming human corpses.

Although this second incarnation of the Al is dismissed by most cryptozoologists as being the by-product of a long tradition of ancient, supernatural folklore, there have been other documented cases of bizarre feminine figures, such as the VIETNAMESE NIGHT FLYERS.

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