Chronicled in Inuit legends for centuries this vicious race of half-canine, half-human beasts were said to be the offspring of an Inuit woman’s unnatural coupling with a ferocious, giant red dog.

Against all biological odds, this animal’s seed found purchase in the unfortunate woman’s womb and what must be referred to as a “litter” of ten, hair covered, canine-hominid infants were birthed by the terrified woman.

According to Inuit mythology, the mother of these bizarre creatures sent half of her children across the sea — where, as another legend states, they sired what the Inuit referred to as the “white races” — the other five remained near her home, where they slowly developed into bloodthirsty, semi-cannibalistic warriors.

Although this so-called “origin” legend is steeped in obviously symbolic imagery that takes it almost BEYOND-MYTHOLOGY; one theory, which has been posed by members of the American Monsters research team, is that the woman may have had relations with a WEREWOLF or, perhaps, what many Native Americans refer to as the WENDIGO. This might, at the very least, explain how the genetic materials of a human and a canine-like creature were able to co-exist.