ABC News has reported that a bizarre canine-like creature is prowling in an East Texas neighborhood – and there are photos to prove it!

Although, like so many of its ilk, some eyewitnesses have been quick to raise the CHUPACABRA flag after seeing this strange beast, the fact remains that this creature is more likely to be less esoteric — though still absolutely fascinating — in origin. Eyewitness Shirley McLain had this to say:

“I’d never seen anything like it before. I just thought it was real strange looking, it had features like a dog but if it’s a dog I don’t know what kind it is… I met him in the driveway and when he saw me he ran.”

As if this encounter weren’t intriguing enough, McLain’s daughter in law, Diane McLain, who lives nearby, managed to take pictures of the odd creature while it wandered through her yard.

“I just could not pinpoint it. The face of the animal was almost like a deer face.”

Eyewitness David Collins further described the creature in question:

“It’s a very strange animal. There’s something wrong with its feet, something wrong with its snout and it’s got a very odd tail.”

Whatever this creature is, it remains to be seen if it poses a threat to the local community, due to either disease or aggressive behavior. Anyone who encounters this creature is asked to contact their Local Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.