The People’s Daily has just reported that the UFO flap over mainland China has now gown to include the island of Hong Kong, forcing some to speculate that there may be a major extra-terrestrial event in the near future.

According to reports, within one hour after midnight on Sept. 9, 2010. the Hong Kong Observatory received several reports about UFO sightings at the Tai Lam Tunnel, Wan Chai, Happy Valley and other areas amid thunderstorms. Some eyewitnesses managed to capture videos and photographs of plate-shaped UFOs — consisting of several luminous circles inside of a larger circle — darting about amid flashes of lightning.

These sightings follow a spate of UFO encounters on mainland china which have forced both Xiaoshan and Baotou airports to temporarily suspend operations so as not to cause an accident between a jet and an anomalous aircraft, which some speculate may hail from OUT OF THIS WORLD.

In a move that will surprise no one who has studied the UFO phenomenon, Wang Sichao, a planetary astronomer from the Purple Hills Observatory under the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS), hypothesized that the UFO sightings were nothing more than “ghost images” resulting from the reflection on camera lenses from the intense light emitted by outdoor amps. The astronomer apparently did not explain exactly what these lights were reflected onto nor how they were able to move. According to Sichao:

“UFOs have been frequently sighted in Hong Kong recently. On September 9th alone, UFOs were spotted five times. Two witnesses shot a unique flying saucer-shaped UFO capable of moving and a UFO with some lamps arranged in a circular pattern.”

Hu Hongjun, director of the Science Department under the Hong Kong Observatory, also issued a standard UFO dismissal, claiming that the UFOs were just the reflections of planets, stars, man-made satellites, meteors or luminous kites… Anyone want to add swamp gas to the list?