ABC News and ANI have reported that yet another Chinese airport has been closed down due to the presence of a bizarre UFO, leading some to speculate that China may be headed for extra-terrestrial invasion.

In a series of events that have reached almost epidemic proportions, an airport in China’s Inner Mongolia province was reportedly shut down in order to prevent packed passenger jets from crashing into an unidentified flying object. Eyewitnesses claimed that a brightly lit, flat, tubular object zoomed in a circle above the airport before suddenly vanishing. An intrepid videographer even managed to capture some moving images of the object.

The incident began when air traffic controllers in Inner Mongolia’s capital Hoot spotted the UFO on radar screens. When they could not make radio contact with the unidentified aircraft they immediately warned Baotou airport. According to initial reports, the presence of the UFO forced airline officials to prevent three planes from landing for almost an hour.

This is the second such occurrence to take place since July 7, 2010, when the Xiaoshan Airport in Hangzhou, China ceased operations due to the appearance of an unusual airborne object, which seemed to be projecting long beams of bright light. This is also the 8th reported UFO incident from China since June.

The Chinese government claims that these reported UFOs are not spacecraft from OUT OF THIS WORLD, but merely military test vehicles, but they have apparently neglected to explain why they have chosen to pose a threat to their own citizens by targeting airports as their test sights.

China has not been alone in experiencing mysterious, unexplained UFO phenomena. A press event took place late last month where former U.S. military airmen claimed that UFOs had somehow disabled nuclear missiles at U.S. and British silos.