The Daily Mail has reported that a mysterious living object has been captured in a Google Earth image which was taken in waters off Liverpool, England.

A mysterious SEA MONSTER was spotted lurking off the Albert dock in Merseyside by radio DJ Simon Hoban, who stumbled on the unexpected image during an “idle moment” while viewing an aerial shot of the maritime tourist spot on Google Earth.

The huge animal — which is larger than some of the boats — has already been dubbed the “Merseyside Jaws” and has raised suspicions that the freezing waters may have put a shark off course or might possibly be the home of an even more bizarre AQUATIC ENIGMA. satellite

While some have suggested that the creature in the photograph may be nothing more than a person riding a jet-ski, marine biologist, Tom Cornwell, speculated the “large object” might be a basking shark, which can grow to 35-feet:

“Although it is unusual for tropical island sharks to be found in this area, it’s not unheard of… water creatures have been known to cruise the wrong way up rivers and canals and become stranded, as with the whale on the Thames six years ago. Perhaps it was an old shark which was looking for a place to die.”

Described as some sort of sea creature with a curved body, pointed snout and pectoral fins on either side of its body, this colossal fish-like creature is not the first anomalous animal sighting ever reported from the multitudes of cameras engaged in the Google Earth program.

In August of 2009, The Sun and ABC News reported that Jason Cooke — a security guard from Nottingham, England — stated that he spotted the LOCH NESS MONSTER, arguably the world’s most famous LAKE MONSTER, while scanning the site’s satellite imagery.