The Gloucester Times has published an article about a new book recently published regarding the United State’s most famous sea beast sighting.

Lawyer and Historian, Wayne Soini has recently seen his latest book “Gloucester’s Sea Serpent” published. Soini clains that he had been fascinated by the legendary SEA MONSTER since he first heard about it on a 5th Grade field trip to the Cape Ann Museum. Soini recounted what he learned that day:

“In 1817, as Gloucester, Massachusetts, was recovering from the War of 1812, something beneath the water was about to cause a stir in this New England coastal community. It was a misty August day when two women first sighted Gloucester’s sea serpent, touching off a riptide of excitement among residents.”

This historical note about the GlOUCESTER SEA SERPENT, which incubated in Soini’s mind for decades, was about to come to life. At the Cape Ann Museum archives, he found a treasure trove of information in a file of Gloucester sea captain Charles Lennox Sargent’s unpublished, handwritten manuscripts:

“Now that I had skills to research something historical, I put those skills to work and since 2009 I began researching this topic,” he said… in my opinion there really was a sea serpent that visited Gloucester, and the evidence is clear from sworn statements about what people saw.”