KENS 5 has reported that cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard held a lecture in North Austin to discuss the existence of such creatures as Chupacabras, Big Foot, the Yeti, and the Loch Ness Monster!

Author and monster researcher, Ken Gerhard, held a lecture Friday night in North Austin to a group of people who wanted to hear more about the unexplained beasts like HAIRY HOMINIDS and LAKE MONSTERS:

“I think that people like to imagine that there is still a bit of mystery in our world, that maybe we aren’t omnipotent at this point and that maybe we don’t know or understand everything about our surroundings and there’s certainly quite a psychological and sociological attachment to monsters.”

The San Antonio resident wrote a book called “Monsters in Texas” and appeared on several cable shows including “Monster Quest” and “The Real Wolfman.” Gerhard explained that is fascination for this subject does not stem from a personal experience, but rather it’s the product of years of dedicated research:

“I’ve never had a sighting. I’ve experienced some things that I can’t quite explain and of course I’ve interviewed many, many witnesses people from all walks of life who seem like very credible people who’ve had these extraordinary experiences that they can’t explain.”