The Mold from Hell!


Much like the creeping, iridescent, meteor mold that consumed everything it came into contact with in Stephen King and George Romero’s E.C. comics inspired horror omnibus “Creepshow,” this all too real tale of a simple farming family who was beset upon by a nefarious force of nature that stole from them their home and, according to their daughter, years of their lives, might have been ripped from the tattered, monster infested pages of a classic 50’s horror comic.

Mold — with the exception a handful specialized scientists, I don’t know anyone who likes the stuff. It’s nasty, fuzzy, invasive and at this very moment it’s lurking in some dark corner of your home ready to creep out.

Any bachelor (or former bachelor) knows what kind of horrible science experiments unwashed dishes can evolve into and almost everyone has encountered the kinds of transformations that an unattended food dish can undergo in the back of a refrigerator, but as horrible as these sporadic fungal encounters might be… things can get worse… much worse.

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