The Examiner has reported that a bizarre, swiftly moving white orb was filmed chasing a boat in the ocean off the coast of Sweden.

While it is unclear which specific body of water was the site of this amazing event. The North Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic Ocean are two possibilities. What is known is that on Saturday, September 17, 2011, an unusual, ovoid, bright white object was moving fluidly through the water and keeping pace with a small boat. The USO was captured on video somewhere off the coast of Sweden. According to 52 year-old Giavedoni Eric of France, who first put the video online:

“The unusual white object itself, and quickly moving in the ocean off the coast of Sweden, filmed on video. Most of it resembles a large float or buoy attached to a rope and trailing behind the boat.”

However the object does not appear to be attached to the boat since it does not always follow at the same speed, angle, or distance as it would if it were being towed. Jan Thomquist, Swedish Navy tactical commander had this to say about the object:

“We take the material seriously. One cannot exclude that a submarine is involved… it’s too early to say what this is. The reason could be the strong currents, but really, I would not give any more comments until we have completed the analysis.”

Now the big question that remains is whether or not this UNCLASSIFIED object is man-made or hails from OUT OF THIS WORLD.