I09 has reported that the UFO — which looks curiously like a real-life Space Invader from the old video game, even though it was described as “triangular” in shape — that has been terrorizing residents in the state of Missouri for the past few days has finally been captured on film.

The brightly-lit vehicle from OUT OF THIS WORLD has been flying low over cars on the highway and appears to break up into smaller craft, according to eyewitnesses. A woman who saw the UFO earlier this week in a car with her family near Kansas City reported to MUFON:

“We saw this object that had shape of stealth bomber that had green and white lights hovering over the highway. At first I told my husband and children that I thought it was a blimp, but as we got closer it was doing weird maneuvers. We turned around to get closer, and by the time we got close enough it shot if like a rocket.”

Apparently there have also been so many reports of this “triangle” or “boomerang” UFO because it flew right over a traffic jam on the highway. Another family who saw the UFO reported:

“The closer we got, we realized the object was just hovering very low over the cars moving extremely slow. There were hundreds of huge, extremely bright lights completely covering the front of the craft. These lights were almost blinding, and resembled stadium lights… it was gigantic.”

For decades Missouri has been a hotbed of alien activity and one of the most intriguing cases is that of a farmer who claimed that he threw rocks at little, green SPACE PENGUINS and their mushroom-shaped UFO.