The Bragalia Files has reported that new software able to determine if someone is lying with an uncanny degree of accuracy confirms that one of the most famous eyewitnesses to the controversial UFO crash and recovery at Roswell is likely telling the truth.

Dr. Raj Chandramouli and Dr. Koduvayur Subbalakshmi — the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ — have developed “veracity software” capable of detecting lies in a textual transcript of what someone has said with an alleged accuracy of 86%-99%. UFO researcher Anthony Bragalia decided that one way to put this to use would be to apply the software to transcripts of witnesses, particular Major Jesse Marcel, who have revealed details about the Roswell Incident.

Marcel said that there was a crash in the summer of 1947. The debris from that crash included varying types:

1) Parchment-like material with strange, indecipherable symbols 2) beams made of material that was like wood, but “not wood at all” that also had hieroglyphics and that, remarkably, would not burn and 3) unusually thin and unusually light metal-like material that would not even dent to the force of a pounding sledgehammer.

Bragalia’s research suggested that statements by Marcel with regard to witnessing and handling strange debris, which many claim is from OUT OF THIS WORLD, following the incident were indeed true based on the analysis of the software.