sea-monstersRed Orbit has published a report on the Ayia Napa; a sea monster is claimed to reside off a popular tourist resort in Cyprus in the Mediterranean.

Sightings of the SEA MONSTER have been reported the most around Cape Greco. Local fishermen have named it “To Filiko Teras” (the friendly monster). Some newspapers have said it is the “Cyprus Loch Ness.”

The creature is known to be harmless to the local residents, but has been known to drag away fishing nets. Although there are numerous sightings, there has been no physical evidence that the creature exists.

The creature is linked to another sea monster from BEYOND MYTHOLOGY, a Greek monstrosity called the Scylla. The Scylla is described as having a giant torso, with a serpent’s body and six dog-heads.

There are very few photos or videos of the Ayia Napa sea monster, but the countless sightings have sparked the government to search for its existence. Even the SyFy channel’s ‘Destination Truth‘ has searched for proof of its existence — it was featured on Series 04 episode 13.

Tourists are taking boating trips in hopes of seeing this creature; as well many hotels have been built in close proximity of where sightings have occurred.